Couple Risks Their Entire Savings To Restore 600-Year-Old French Chateau

Erin Choa and Jean-Baptiste Gois began their engagement as a doctor and engineer in Edinburgh, Scotland. They could have remained in that city with their stable jobs, but instead, they poured their entire future into a 600-year-old French chateau.

Their decision would sacrifice both of their savings and devote all seven days a week to restoring an ancient building. They explored clogged drains and Renaissance artifacts, with work and rewards they never anticipated. Do you find this leap of faith senseless, or adventurous? Explore the couple’s journey into a risky endeavor that most people aren’t brave enough to make.

Welcome To JB And Erin’s Fairytale

Erin Choa and Jean-Baptiste JP Gois
Channel 4/Rapid Pictures/Spark Media
Channel 4/Rapid Pictures/Spark Media

In 2010, London native Erin Choa studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. There, she met mechanical engineer Jean-Baptiste Gois, nicknamed JB. He had left his home country of France to study in Edinburgh and remained there for nine years.

This chance meeting resulting in both of them falling in love and getting engaged. Once Erin finished schooling, the two searched for their new home together. The couple decided to move to JB’s home country, although this would create a struggle for Erin.