Doctors Are In Awe Of The Boy Who Won’t Stop Growing

Broc Brown has had an interesting life. The reason his life has been so interesting is because of his abnormal height. This kid is tall. Really tall. Broc’s height has caused him to suffer from chronic pain and constant ridicule. His family has also had to use their savings to pay for special clothes and furniture for Broc.

After a few public appearances, Broc’s life completely changed. Keep reading to find out just how tall Broc has grown to be, and if his growth could impact his lifespan.

He Was an Average Weight and Height at Birth

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

When Broc Brown was born, he seemed like an average healthy baby. At birth, he weighed just under eight pounds, and he measured 22 inches long. His mother, Darci Moss Elliot, never suspected that there was anything abnormal about her son.

As Broc began to grow, it became apparent that he was different from other children. After Darci brought him home from the hospital, she realized that he was growing and that he was growing quickly.