Florida Man Drives Golf Cart Into Walmart While Chased By Police

Man driving golf cart through Walmart
ABC Action News/YouTube
ABC Action News/YouTube

In mid-August 2019, surveillance video captured a man driving a golf cart into a Walmart in Hillsborough County, Florida. The police were called to the store at 9205 Gibsonton Dr., reporting that a man in a golf cart had blocked off the liquor aisle and demanding to speak to a manager.

Upon arriving at the store, the deputies approached the golf cart driver, identified as Michael Hudson, and attempted to communicate.

Before they could get close enough, Hudson accelerated through the heavily populated store toward the main entrance. Commanded to stop, Hudson ignored the police and proceeded to drive the golf cart through the glass front doors at the main store entrance.

Hudson continued to accelerate toward the checkout area where he hit any customers who were unable to make it out of the way in time. Brandon Daniels, a customer lucky enough to avoid Hudson, reported, “Either the exit sign or the sporting goods section to get a weapon, I didn’t know. At first, it was unbelievable. It’s something you would not expect.”

Eventually, Hudson crashed into a register where he was finally apprehended by the deputies. He was then taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for the injuries he had sustained during his joyride.

Customer Jason Waldrop was thankful nobody was seriously harmed but stated, “Not only did he put his own self in danger, but he also put the people around him in danger and it could have been my three-year-old.”

At the moment, Hudson has been charged with Trespass After Warning, Resisting Arrest Without Violence, Criminal Mischief (Felony), and multiple counts of Aggravated Battery / Aggravated Assault (Motor Vehicle). Supposedly, his charges could change depending on how many people he hit with the cart.