Wife Holds Back Tears After Husband Gives Her Epic Surprise

Long-term relationships are special in many ways. Not only do you get to share your life with someone you adore, but you always have that person on your side. While that may be true, couples who’ve been together for a while can start to become comfortable, and the days can start feeling pretty routine. That was the case for married couple Erik and Brittany Mallasch from Anchorage, Alaska. This seemed like an ordinary day, but Erik had the surprise of a lifetime for his doting wife. He told her she wasn’t going to work that day and that’s when things got interesting…

The Loving Couple

Brittany Phillips-Mallasch/Facebook
Brittany Phillips-Mallasch/Facebook

Long-lasting relationships are indeed a blessing. With all the greatness that comes with them, it can be easy to forget the little negatives that come along with them as well, like getting too comfortable.

Falling into a repetitive groove can be a challenge, but a couple can work at it. For Erik and Brittany, they understood this issue all too well. Thankfully, their rut acted as a catalyst and inspired something magical. Just what could it have been?