Inside The Survival Condo: Protecting The Mega-Rich From The Apocalypse

When developer Larry Hall learned of a former Atlas Missile silo sitting in the middle of rural Kansas, he had a brilliant idea. Built during the Cold War, the silo was originally a nuclear missile launch facility that was mostly forgotten about after the war ended. But even without the threat of a missile attack, many Americans are wary of what the future holds and want to be prepared for a major catastrophe, whether it be a nuclear war, a devastating storm, or a deadly virus.

Recognizing this, Hall toured the former Atlas Missile silo and envisioned creating a below-ground luxury condo complex that could survive the apocalypse. He’s now offering a sneak peek inside the incredible Survival Condo designed for the rich, and it offers much more than you could ever dream of.

The Survival Condo Can House 75 People

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The purpose of the Survival Condo is to protect people from any type of devastation that’s happening in the outside world. Its exact location remains a secret, but owner and developer Larry Hall did reveal that it’s a three-hour drive from the Kansas City airport.

In the event of an emergency, residents of the Survival Condo would need to make sure they’re able to reach it in time, far out past fields, barns, and empty roads in rural Kansas.