Miles From Shore, This Kayaker Couldn’t Believe What He Spotted Bobbing In The Water

If you’ve ever visited the Florida Keys then you know how packed they are with diverse wildlife. From manatees swimming in crystal clear water to alligators sunbathing along the shore, it’s hard to be too surprised by anything that might appear. That’s exactly what happened to kayak fisherman Steve, though, as he was returning from a day on the water. He spotted a mysterious shape floating near him. With more than four miles to go before making it back to shore, Steve decided to investigate.

An Experienced Fisherman

kayak fisherman steve on the water

Steve was an experienced kayak fisherman with his own YouTube channel, living in the Florida Keys, who thought he had seen everything. He dedicated his time on YouTube to sailing, fishing, and any other outdoor water activities he could.

Throughout his adventures, Steve had seen so much, he didn’t think anything could surprise him. Then the unimaginable happened. He spotted something in the water, something that he never thought he’d see that far from shore.