Lovebirds Kiwi And His Goth GF Siouxsie Had Babies And The Internet Just Can’t Handle It

Finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with can be tough, but at least we can take it upon ourselves to go out in the world and actually look. For our animal friends, it isn’t always so easy. They don’t have Tinder or Hinge, and even worse, some of them don’t even get the chance to go out in the world and meet new friends.

This is the story of Kiwi and his path for love, going from a suave bachelor bird to a responsible feathered father. It wasn’t always smooth sailing though. Kiwi’s story should inspire you to get up off your couch, wipe the Doritos off your shirt, and finally ask your crush out. Kiwi, you’re an inspiration.

Meet Kiwi

kiwi 1.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

What a cute, colorful birb boy. Kiwi is serving looks and it’s easy to see why he’s on the lookout for love. I don’t know what it is about Kiwi, but that color scheme just pops.

It’s hard to imagine that Kiwi ever went through that awkward teenage phase the rest of us had to suffer through.

He Gets Along With Everyone

kiwi 2.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

You can just tell that Kiwi is just like ‘THAT’ guy in high school. The guy who got along with everyone.

Kiwi would have been captain of the football team, the valedictorian, Prom King, Debate Team Leader, and even 1st prize winner at the Science Fair while volunteering his time at the local shelter.

He’s In Touch With His Sensitive Side

kiwi 3.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Life is all about the little things, and no one knows this quite like Kiwi. While the rest of us are constantly on the go, Kiwi knows the importance of stopping to smell the roses… or whatever flowers these are.

It’s important to take time out for ourselves, but despite that, Kiwi was still on the look-out for love. His owner, Maura T. Hennelly, was determined to help him find it.

A Shot At Love

Kiwi 4.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Kiwi had been getting a little lonely as the only lovebird in the house, so his owner went out and tried to play matchmaker.

She found this adorable 4-month-old peach faced lovebird, and figured that this would be a great way to pull Kiwi out of his funk. Setting up a bird on a blind date can be tough, but Maura was determined.

It Was Only A Kiss, How Did We End Up Like This?

Kiwi 5.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Like so many relationships before, things were looking good early on. Kiwi had his first crush. His first kiss. While Kiwi thought everything was going fine, apparently, his new girlfriend just wasn’t quite that into him.

Maura, unfortunately, had to break the two up because they weren’t getting along.

That’s When Siouxsie Entered Their Lives

Kiwi 6.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Maura wasn’t about to get discouraged with Kiwi’s first shot at love. How many of us are still with our first crush? It almost never happens.

So instead, Maura tried something a little different. Maybe opposites attract. Instead of another colorful birb like Kiwi, she went for a more gothic look.

Don’t We All Bond Over Food

Kiwi 7.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

While Kiwi’s first girlfriend didn’t seem to mesh with him, he and Siouxsie seemed to bond right away. That’s probably due to the fact that their dates consist of plenty of food, which we all know is the way to anyone’s heart.

While it doesn’t look like they’re seeing eye-to-eye just yet, things start to heat up.

Kiwi, Do You Love Me?

Kiwi 8.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

I can only assume that when Drake was singing about Kiki, he actually meant to say Kiwi. Very quickly the pair grew in love with each other, and the internet wept with delight.

Despite their obvious differences, the two lovebirds proved that love conquers all. It’s a very important lesson that we all should take into account in our daily lives.

The Couple That Laughs Together, Stays Together

Kiwi 9.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

If you can’t laugh with your partner, the chances of you two making it in this world are infinitely harder. It’s already hard enough to get through every day, so finding someone to share a laugh with is the easiest way to brighten your day.

Kiwi and Siouxsie have that kind of relationship, and I think it’s beautiful.

Like Two Peas In A Pod

Kiwi 10.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

The couple took a big step here and decided to move in with each other. It’s one thing to live in the same cage, that’s like having a crush live in your neighborhood. But to build a nest together? That’s next level.

Naturally, when the two started shacking up, nature took its course, as you’ll see in a bit.

It’s Official! They’re Expecting!

Kiwi 11.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Considering we live in a world with expansive gender reveals and nauseating promposals, it’s nice to see a down-to-earth, simple pregnancy announcement.

It’s cool, it’s classy, and you can genuinely see the love these two share for each other. I hope the royal couple takes notes.

The First Egg Drops

Kiwi 12.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

They say it’s bad luck to announce a pregnancy early, but Siouxsie came through with flying colors. Maura captured the moment when Siouxsie laid her first egg, and in total, she would lay three more.

While it doesn’t look like Kiwi was present for this moment, we can only assume he was out looking for a job to help support his new, growing family.


Kiwi 13.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Basically, the term pipping is just a scientific way of saying that the egg is beginning to hatch. These small little cracks start to appear, meaning the chick is getting in position to break on through.

When Maura captured this picture, she figured the chick was a day or so away from hatching.

Their New Day One

Kiwi 14.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Finally, this little chick’s day has come! Maura immediately noted that this one’s little fluff is yellow, so she’s guessing that it’ll end up looking something like their dad.

In this family, it doesn’t hurt to look like either of your parents, but you’ll be amazed to see just how beautiful these chicklets look!

All In The Family

Kiwi 15.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Here’s the whole crew finally out in the world. It took some time, but finally, Kiwi and Siouxsie have a whole family to call their own.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly Kiwi’s life has turned around. He went from being all alone in this world to the proud father of four. Simply magical. Get ready to see each chick ready for their close up! I promise they have feathers.

Birb #1

Kiwi 17.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

I just want to make it known that I’m simply painting a portrait of each birb as I see them. I don’t know anything. This guy is clearly the oldest of the group.

He has that wise, whimsical look on his face, and he knows he’ll be on babysitter duty right of the gate. I hope he’s ready for this kind of responsibility. The oldest never gets any credit.

Birb #2

Kiwi 18.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

The shy one. This birb clearly wants to be included in everything its siblings do, but doesn’t know how to speak up. They just want to come along for the ride without being the one to figure out every single detail.

I hope one day this birb pens a beautiful song to sing to the world about coming out of your shell.

Birb #3

Kiwi 19.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

The smart one. The smart one usually sits somewhere in the middle of the pecking order. While the oldest and youngest siblings are getting all the attention, the middle child usually has to fend for themselves and do whatever they can to stand out from the crowd.

I feel if this birb went to Hogwarts, they’d be sorted into Ravenclaw.

Birb #4

Kiwi 20.jpg

Photo Credit: Instagram / @mosiescritters

The star of the show. I don’t know this for sure, but everything about this birb tells me that they are the youngest, and therefore the favorite. This little guy is going to get into a ton of trouble but is too darn cute to face any kind of punishment.

His teenage years should be a wild ride, but he seems certain to follow in his father’s footsteps as everyone’s best friend.

Family Portrait

Kiwi 16.jpg

Photo Credit: Twitter / @painthands

Finally, we can see the entire family together, and I can honestly say I’m crying ugly, happy tears at my computer screen.

For all of you single people out there looking for love, just follow Kiwi’s footsteps. Be cool with everyone, be honest, and remember that life doesn’t always throw you the person you think you’d be with. Maybe you’ll get the complete opposite, and that’s ok too! Congrats Kiwi and Siouxsie! You’re an inspiration to us all!