This Man Uncovered A Decades-Old Secret Hidden Beneath His Driveway

You never know what secrets may lie within the walls of an older home, or underneath its foundation. That’s what one man found out when he discovered a hole filled with decades-old secrets right beneath his driveway. It all started when he felt a small bump as he was backing his car out of the driveway. As he investigated further, he came upon something of great historical significance. Read on to see what the new homeowner dug up.

Meet Simon Marks

Simon poses with his bandmates.
Simon Marks/Facebook
Simon Marks/Facebook

Simon Marks is pictured to the far left as he takes a selfie with a few of his friends. The men formed their own band and enjoy sharing their music with others by throwing mini-concerts in the backyard.

Simon worked an office job throughout the week, so he loved taking advantage of his weekends at home. Little did he know that he’d discovered something extraordinary at home, on what was otherwise a very ordinary day.