Frank Sinatra’s Former Beach House Has A New Owner: Mindy Kaling! Take A Look Inside

Comedian and actress Mindy Kaling kicked off 2020 by purchasing a mansion on the coast of Malibu for $9.55 million. But this isn’t just any ordinary beach house; it’s the former residence of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra. According to the listing’s website, Mr. and Mrs. Sinatra collaborated with architect Ted Grenzbach to conceptualize and build the grandiose estate. The waterfront property was a sweet escape for Hollywood giants like Jack Lemmon, Robert Wagner, and Dick Van Dyke. The luxe estate features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an elevator, a pool, 40 feet of beach frontage, and so much more. Read on to have a look.

The Ocean-Facing Estate

This is the view of the famous Sinatra Beach House from the end of the yard looking away from the beach. The home’s enormous windows reveal jaw-dropping ocean views from as many rooms inside as possible.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images & Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images &
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images & Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images &

The spacious master bedroom spans the portion of the second floor that is viewable here and leads out to a balcony over the ocean. The balcony’s guardrail is crystal clear, creating a clean, polished look and showing off the home’s architecture.

An Expansive Yard

Many beach homes are tiny and severely lacking in outdoor space, but not this one. A spacious patio melds into a long, grassy yard. The expanse is bordered by tall and thick vegetation, creating ample privacy.


The home sits on a lot that is more than 18,000 square feet in size, which explains how the designer was able to implement a large yard and a pool into the estate. The pool is located in another part of the property that we’ll see a little later.

An Open Concept Floor Plan

From the moment you enter the home, the open concept floorplan is apparent. The hallway-like structure causes one room to flow into the next so that you even have ocean views from the front door. To the right, built-ins provide plenty of storage and ensure that no space is lost on cabinetry.


A welcoming seating area precedes the formal living room, which sits just before the back yard. Recessed lighting is hidden in the pale wooden ceiling and highlights the subtle paint design of the walls.

A Luxurious Formal Living Room

Upon entering the home, continue past the seating area and you’ll enter this formal living room. A roaring fireplace gives a grand yet cozy feel to the room. Tile floors glisten in the sunlight that pours into the space.


The massive sliding glass doors between the living room and the patio outside create an indoor-outdoor feel and ensure that you can enjoy the view from any angle. Built-in shelving emphasizes the tall ceiling, which has transitioned from pale wood to white plaster.

A Home Away From Home For Hollywood Stars

This angle reveals the symmetrical design of the living room, which to many Hollywood stars, was a home away from home. The estate’s website notes that the Sinatras loved to entertain their friends and were “a loving, talented, and extremely generous couple.”


The floorplan seems to be a nod at the couple’s inclusive nature. We can just imagine the home being filled from one end to the other with guests so that the entire first floor seemingly becomes one large room of people.

A Double-Duty Kitchen

The kitchen is designed in such a way that two chefs could easily inhabit the space. There are two sinks across the way from one another, a double-wide stovetop complete with a smoke hood, and plenty of counter space in between.


In case that wasn’t enough room to prepare a meal, there’s also an island with additional storage space underneath. The long kitchen has room enough to accommodate a small table that acts as a breakfast nook.

A Beachy Formal Dining Room

The tones and patterns of this dining room make it look as though it’s been carved out of sand, which is an appropriate look for a beach house. In addition to recessed lighting, there is also a unique, water-like light fixture running along the wall to the right.


A window between this room and the kitchen beyond maintains the open concept and offers beach views while cooking. The area is large enough to accommodate a table that’s much larger than the six-seater pictured here.

Perfect For Entertaining

From this angle, the dining room looks more like a seaside restaurant. In the corner is a bar area complete with comfy stools. One the other side of the window is a countertop lined with additional bar seating so that a bartender can serve drinks to those inside and outside.


As with the rest of the common areas, there is a lovely view outside of the yard and the sea beyond. Large sliding glass doors open up the room so that guests can wander in and out as they please.

The Sinatra Hallway

The staircase is lined with Frank Sinatra posters, pictures, and record covers to pay homage to the musician. The stairs themselves are covered in cheetah carpet that screams ‘Hollywood.’ The railings are clear glass with subtle handles so as not to clash with the colorful accents.


The house originally went on the market for nearly $13 million! Mindy Kaling somehow managed to wheel and deal her way to a lower price tag, scoring the home for a little less than $10 million.

A Bedroom Overlooking The Ocean

The master bedroom takes your breath away from the moment you enter. The vaulted ceiling allows space for a massive window that’s filled with a gorgeous view of the ocean and horizon. The window is flanked by two separate sets of French doors for a wider view and access to the balcony,


The space is massive, large enough to fit a bedroom and a living room-sized seating area. Even on its own, the master suite would make for an impressive studio apartment.

Sunset Views From Bed

In this room, anything less than a king-sized bed would seem too small. The four-post bed features flowy fabric that blows in the ocean breeze. The glass French doors help to ensure that you have a view of the sun setting over the sea even while lying down.


Straight ahead is a fireplace to bring some cozy warmth into the open, airy room. Though southern California is typically warm and sunny, the coast can be significantly cooler.

A Second Living Room

Even with a king-sized, four-poster bed, two large nightstands, an artificial tree, and a large dresser, the bedroom would look empty without this seating area. The space may as well be a second living room.


Though the designer stuck with just two lounge chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table, there is enough space to fit any number of living room designs. You could even add a sectional in the massive room! Between the fireplace and the view, we’d find it hard to leave this bedroom.

Built-In Shelving

From this angle, you’d have no idea that this was a bedroom if it weren’t for the previous photos. This part of the room alone would make for a spacious living area. Built-ins flank the fireplace to provide plenty of space for storage.


The design is almost identical to the living room downstairs with a sofa across from lounge chairs, a coffee table in line with the fireplace, and an overall clean and symmetrical look.

The Size Of An Apartment

Mr. and Mrs. Sinatra must have valued their bedroom quite a bit to choose a house design that would feature such a glorious master suite. Between the walk-in closets, attached bathroom, seating area, and bed space, the square footage is that of a typical apartment.


The architect who designed the home, Ted Grenzback, has a history of working with celebrities. In addition to Frank Sinatra, he’s also worked with Cher, Barbra Streisand, Rod Stewart, Gene Kelly, and more.

Panoramic Views From The Balcony

The gorgeous views throughout the house are even more jaw-dropping from the balcony off the master bedroom. Though the balcony doesn’t extend very far out, there is plenty of space from one end to the other so that a yoga mat or lounge chair could fit horizontally.


Imagine waking up in the morning and watching to sun rise over the ocean without even having to leave home. This would be an incredible place to clear your head and meditate.

A Sauna In The Master En Suite

Off the master bedroom is its en suite. Far from the ordinary master bathroom, this one is complete with a sauna! Like the bedroom, the adjoining bathroom is huge, complete with a tub and shower stall, a long vanity, and mirrors all around.


There are not just one, but two bathrooms in this dual master en suite. In addition to the sauna, there’s also a hair salon attached to the space! These luxury additions make this marvelous home stand out even more.

A Courtyard Pool

One unique feature of this home is that its pool is not in the backyard like they usually are. Instead, the pool is tucked away in a quaint courtyard along the side of the estate. Wedged between a tall hedge and the building, the pool has plenty of privacy.


Large potted plants placed around the water give a garden-like feel to the spot. Straight ahead is a guest room that has private access to the courtyard and pool.

A Private Room For Guests

Off of the courtyard is a pool house that’s being used as a guest room. The space offers plenty of privacy and a sense of separation from the rest of the house for long-term guests.


It would also be a perfect room to rent since it has its own access if the homeowner wanted to bring in some additional income. Alternatively, the space could be changed into a studio, an office, a game room, or any number of other bonus rooms.

24/7 Beach Access

Just beyond the yard is 40 feet of oceanfront property that belongs to the homeowner. Rather than having to load up the car to travel to the beach and pay for parking, enjoying a day on the sand is as simple as walking out the back door.


The coastal city of Malibu is full of celebrities, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Mindy Kaling ran into a fellow comedian while doing a daily walk on this beach.

A Sun-Soaked Gem

The Sinatra Beach House has been admired for years, and for good reason. Once a hotspot for fellow stars and friends of Frank and Barbara Sinatra, the home is perfect for those who love to entertain.


The estate delivers the best of both worlds with both a yard and beach access. We imagine that Mindy Kaling is very happy with her house purchase, and with seven bedrooms there’s plenty of space for her to enjoy it with family and friends.