Woman Uses Pizza Hut App To Save Her Children’s Lives

Ordering pizza is always a reliable way to fix your food troubles. Perhaps you don’t have anything at home to cook one night, or you’re simply too lazy to fire up the stovetop and make something yourself. Ordering pizza will always be one of the most convenient food options, but did you know it can also help save your life? A man in Avon Park, Florida, threatened a woman, and she responded by opening her pizza app… read on to learn what happened next.

A Crazy Boyfriend

Cheryl Treadway selfie in car

In May 2015, it was a warm day in Florida when Cheryl Treadway found herself in a tough situation. It was just her and her boyfriend alone when she realized he had lost his mind.

She wasn’t just taking a wild guess that he was going crazy. Treadway and her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson were arguing all morning, and then things got even more worrisome. Nickerson pulled a knife out on her after they finished battling with their words!