Police Break Open This Shipping Crate and the Stench Immediately Tells Them Something’s Wrong

If you’ve ever seen reality shows about what goes on at border security, you already know that people try to smuggle all kinds of weird stuff into other countries. Police and customs officials have to be well trained to detect when something is not quite right. When customs authorities in China spotted a strange shipping container at a port one day, they were suspicious. When they opened the container, they found something truly unexpected.

Approaching The Crate

Facebook / CITES
Facebook / CITES

Customs officials in Shenzhen, China, weren’t sure what to expect when they spotted and flagged a suspicious cargo container that had arrived in Yantian District’s port. It arrived through unconventional channels without the right paperwork, which was already enough to put them on high alert.

Most of the time these cargo containers are full of some pretty innocent stuff. Not this time, though. This time things got a lot more sinister.