This Russian Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Anybody

Meet Jules Gudkova. She’s a 21-year-old Russian singer, make-up artist, and cosplay wizard. She can transform herself into pretty much any character, but she especially loves cosplaying as Disney characters and cartoon characters.

Jules uses makeup to completely transform her face. Then she adds costumes and some digital effects in the background to complete the look. Keep reading to see Jules transform into characters from Star Wars, The Avengers, Finding Nemo, and so many more.

It’s Hard To Tell Which Is Jules And Which Is Merida

jules as merrida from brave
Photo Credit: benzoate_ost / Instagram
Photo Credit: benzoate_ost / Instagram

Merida is a recent Disney princess from Scotland who rebels against her country’s tradition and asserts herself as a powerful female force. The movie she’s in is called Brave because Merida is the very definition of the word.

For this cosplay, Jules dressed up as the version of Merida featured in a photo released last year of all of the Disney princesses at a slumber party. This is casual Merida.