These Animals Really Didn’t Want Their Pictures Taken

Making a living as a wildlife photographer is one of the most rewarding professions. You get to explore nature for a living while capturing the world’s most stunning animals on camera. Some animals love posing for their pictures. They’re ready for their 15 minutes of fame. Others are more shy, and they prefer hiding. But when hiding doesn’t work, they have to take drastic measures. They have to get in the photographer’s way. These are the best of the best of animals that had no interest in being on camera and did something about it. They interrupted the photographers with hilarious results.

A Camera Built For Two

This fox saw a photographer reviewing his pictures and wanted to take a peek for itself. We’re betting it was the subject of the photos and just wants to make sure the this dude caught his best side. He shines brightest from the right, not the left!

Have you ever tried to photograph a fox? They’re pretty particular creatures, if they even let you take their picture at all! It’s never guaranteed. This one was probably bribed with snacks, but is ready to snatch the camera and run if it doesn’t approve of the result.

Don’t Take That Picture!

Here’s a nature photographer with a sense of humor. He was just trying to take some amazing pictures of seals on the beach when one snuck up behind him. Now he’s stuck between a seal and a hard place, unsure what his next move should be.

With no way out, all he can do is laugh at the situation this seal has put him in. Thank goodness he had a friend with him to document him trying to document nature. He’s never going to live this one down when he catches up with the rest of his crew back at the hotel!

Cutest Distraction Ever

Look at that baby cheetah and try and tell me that you would be mad if it stopped you from taking a picture. We’d put the camera down and start playing with it. Who could resist? As long as its mama doesn’t show up we’re safe.

If she does come out of the brush, then we act like the photographer in the first picture and stop moving. It’s not our fault cute animals are impossible to stay away from! Especially this little fluff monster!

Excuse Me, You’re Standing On My Back

animals photographer

Being a photographer is tough. Not only do you need to be creative and technical, but you’ve got to hone your laser focus to get the perfect shot. That can be hard when you have a bunch of distractions all around you — especially if those distractions are cute animals.

These cuties didn’t want their picture taken and weren’t afraid to let the photographer know. Instead of running away, they walked right up to her. Maybe they’re just giving her some creative direction?

What Are You Up To?

Everything was going great for this photographer until this cheetah showed up. Now he’s stuck staring through camera unable to move. Any sudden motion and this calm kitty might go into big cat mode. For now everything is okay. Just don’t move.

There’s always a chance this cheetah really wants to look at the camera. Cats are curious creatures, and this one might just want to see what this strange human is doing. Is he looking at more cheetahs? A tasty snack, perhaps? One thing is certain… curiosity won’t be the end of this cat!

Is That Food?

When it’s winter time, food is hard to come by. This fox is really hoping this camera is food. Sorry, buddy, it’s only used to take pictures Would you like an uncomfortably close shot of your nose? That sounds fun for everybody!

With any luck, this photographer will find a way to take a good photo. It looks cold and he probably doesn’t want to stay outside for too long. We wouldn’t. We wouldn’t be laughing either. This fox is cute, but it really is doing this picture taker a disservice.

Nice Picture, Friend

Sometimes you just want to play. This baby tiger was bored of playing with other cats, saw a human, and decided to take a chance. If only this guy was prepared. Now his picture is ruined, he needs to buy a new pair of glasses, and if this cat isn’t careful he’s going to need stitches!

This is one of our favorite pictures so far. This little tiger has made it impossible for this photographer to do his job, and that’s okay with us! The more humans you play with the better.

Well This Is Awkward

This photoshoot could not have gone worse for the poor man. He was just taking a few pictures when he looked to his left and saw a bear. Then he looked to his right and you know what he saw; another bear!

On the other side, the bears saw him and wondered if they had lucked into the perfect afternoon snack. No better way to fatten up for the winter hibernation months than a tasty human morsel. On a less dark note, these bears look friendly enough, the photographer just needs to remain calm and collected.

Just A Little Higher

That’s one proud looking bird! Unlike some other animals on this list, it really wants this photographer to his shot, he just has to find the bird first. Who knows how his framing will look when he has to shoot the picture blindly!

Just a little higher. Now lower. Now to the left. Now to the right. Back to the left. Up an inch. PERFECT! Take a few shots, though, just to be sure. The more camera roll this photographer uses up on this one blue bird, the better!


This picture is another case of one photographer being lucky another photographer is with him! Without picture takers traveling together, we’d never get some of these amazingly hilarious pictures. We don’t know what this deer was expecting to find in the camera lens, but we also don’t care.

More importantly, this guy might be laughing now, but he won’t be laughing if this deer cracks his lens. If you’ve ever looked up prices of new lenses, you know they aren’t cheap!

Found You!

Another day trying to take pictures; another fox ruining it all. The worst part is there is nothing this photographer can do about it. He or she is stuck in their makeshift igloo trying to keep warm and stay out of view.

This fox found the camera and planted himself right in the front of it. No, the lovable but poorly placed critter is going to stay there until it figures out exactly what is going on. This is going to be a long battle on both ends!


Okay, there must be nuts in that bag because we’ve never seen a squirrel this friendly. Usually, they get skittish and are just looking to grab a quick meal then get away as fast as possible. This squirrel has firmly planted itself on this backpack while this person takes pictures.

Also, what is this person taking pictures of? Flowers? The squirrel is on your back, guy! That’s where your camera should be pointing. If there is anything we learned from the guy taking the picture of the bird on his head, it’s “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Look Over Here

Sometimes you just need a little help from a friend to get the perfect picture. The cameraman saw a meerkat family on their adventures and knew he had the perfect opportunity for a picture. The problem was the meerkats refused to turn and pose for him.

The problem, thankfully, was solved when another meerkat jumped on his back to help out. Now his friend can wave over to the family so they know what’s going on. Then it’s up to them whether or not they want to take the perfect picture for their upcoming holiday cards.

A Fox Of Another Color

What is it about foxes when they see photographers that they just have to do something about it? This fox seems to be taking a new approach. Instead of confronting the photographers face to face, it’s snuck up from the rear and is getting ready to play some sort of trick.

This poor photographer will never see it coming. How will she react? We hope whoever was watching and took this picture did something to help out after. That’s what a good friend would do, anyways.

One Kiss And You’ll Become A Prince

First, we have no idea what kind of animal this is that has adorably distracted this photographer. We think it’s a baby weasel, but aren’t quite sure. Whatever it is, it’s giving the photographer an “Eskimo kiss.” Let’s hope she keeps her nose!

If this little fella is lucky, the kiss from this photo princess will turn him into a prince. That’s how that fairytale goes, right? True loves first kiss will break the curse and turn this critter into its truest form.

Where’s The Photographer?

Uh oh, what did this lion do to the person who was holding this camera? Are they okay? That’s a very proud trot this lion has as it walks away with its prize. The phrase “it’s going to cost an arm and a leg” has never been more true.

Now that this lion has a new camera, what is it going to take pictures of? We’re predicting that this is the first lion to ever start a family album with pictures of its cubs growing up. The sentiment brings a tear to our eye.

Bad Camera!

Maybe this is how the lion got the camera on the previous slide. We can’t prove that it’s the same lion or camera, but maybe. This ferocious feline is clearly teaching itself how to take a picture. It watched the humans do it enough and now it’s taking a turn.

Is this how Animal Farm starts? Now that lions know how to take pictures, the other animals will slowly start to learn how to do other things. Before we know it, we’ll be living in the grass while our furry friends are building lives for themselves indoors.

The Animal Takeover Continues

First it was the lions, then it was the foxes. Or did the foxes start this whole apocalyptic scenario? We’ve now seen several foxes getting in the way of wildlife photographers doing their jobs. It looks like they had ulterior motives. Sneaky foxes!

What’s next, mice learning how to take pictures? Snakes? The possibilities are endless and we’re shaking in our boots. Okay, we’re not actually that scared. This whole doomsday scenario is too ridiculous to take seriously. Go back to foraging, fox!

You Have Something On Your Head

This woman is determined to take the perfect picture and she doesn’t care who, or what, gets in the way. Not even a big white wolf whispering sweet nothings into her ear. If that were us, we’d be running away as fast as our feet would take us.

Some pictures just aren’t worth taking. Kudos to this photographer for being braver than us. Or more stubborn. That sounds more accurate, actually. This is a once-in-a-lifetime photo and she’s not about lose the chance after years of trying!

Oh No, Here We Go

Well, so much for the animal takeover scenario being ridiculous. Our worst fears have come true. The foxes taught the lions how to use cameras first, then they taught they mice. First it’s the cameras, then it’s the rest of our technology,

And if you think your thumbs will save you, don’t bet on it. Call your local veterinarian and let them know what’s going on. The future of your kids is at stake. The future of your kids’s kids is at stake!

Move a Little to the Left…Now the Right…

a fox peers over a camera

This little fox looks like a professional behind the lens of this Canon camera. Just look at the way he’s standing upright and leaning against the camera on the tripod. His paw placement is just right and it almost looks like he’s looking over the viewfinder to give his subject some creative direction!

…And maybe he is. After all, they don’t call foxes one of the cleverest species in the animal kingdom for nothing.

What’s This Contraption?

bear with camera

Can you imagine setting up your gear to shoot some wildlife photography only to break away momentarily and return to this scene? We’re sure glad this photographer had another camera handy to capture this moment because it sure is perfectly timed!

The way the bear is curiously standing over this camera make it look like they’re ready to direct a photo shoot. While we love this shot, we’d definitely be a little scared if a bear was surrounding our expensive belongings!

Your Camera Is Mine Now!

tiger with camera

When a lion takes your camera, it’s no longer your camera. It’s theirs now, and it’s best for you to just accept it. Move on, save your money, and buy another camera. After all, have you seen the teeth on these things? You surely don’t want to cross one.

One thing’s for certain, this beautiful creature didn’t want this photo taken and he let the photographer know it. Hopefully the photographer won’t miss this camera too much!

Uh Oh!


Being a wildlife photographers mean staying on your toes at all times. We repeat: ALL TIMES! You never know when one of your subjects is going to decide they want their picture taken and instead, would rather give you the scare of a lifetime.

While we’re sure this photographer is a seasoned pro when it comes to this kind of thing, we still think the look on his face says it all. Luckily he has this crazy cool photo to look back on. All in a day’s work, right?

Hey Guys, Come Check This Out!

animals with camera

This beaver saw a photographer snapping some photos of the wildlife near his home and had to take a peek behind the viewfinder himself. By the looks of it, he couldn’t believe what he saw! His facial expression is priceless.

We don’t want to assume that this photo is better than anything else the photographer shot that day…but we’d bet our money on it!

This Fox Will Be Your Creative Director For the Day

fox with a camera

The fox is tired of being the subject of wildlife photographers abound. He knows he’s beautiful, but he’s so much more than his amber fur and perky ears. He’s clever! He’s creative! He’s whip smart! If a human can be a wildlife photographer, so can he.

Clearly, the photographer gave in to this fox’s demands and let him try his hand (or should we say paw?) behind the camera. By the looks of it, he knows what he’s doing.

Ah Yes, Got the Shot


Fed up with being the subject of wildlife photographers everywhere, this little primate was eager to try his hand at being the photographer for once. By the look on his face, he is more than pleased with his work.

Sure, he may be a perfectionist at heart, but we think he definitely got the perfect shot somewhere in that roll of photos. Before you know it, he’ll be the top creative director in all the jungle.

Move Over Bud, I’ll Show You How It’s Done

baby monkey with camera

Look at this baby primate and tell me you wouldn’t let it hold your camera if it tried. We mean, come on! He is too cute. He may be the same size of this monstrous camera, but by the looks of it, his confidence is taking him to great heights.

We bet he was tired of having his picture taken all the time, and instead wanted to do the picture-taking for a change. Follow your dreams little guy!

No Photos Please

squirrel camera

In this day and age, the paparazzi can be relentless. Wherever celebrities turn, there they are, photographing their every waking minute. It’s enough to drive a person man. Alright, this squirrel may not be a celebrity, but he still has his photo taken against his will on the regular.

But not today! He was fed up with wildlife photographers invading his personal space and decided to put an end to it. Unfortunately for him, it just made for an even better photo.

Does. Not. Want. Photo. Taken.


This photo of a group of photographers on the run is a perfect example of how far some people will go for the perfect shot. And how far some animals will go to avoid having their photo snapped.

While it’s not clear exactly how much danger this crew was truly in, we’re betting that they don’t regret their collective decision to run away from the charging bear as fast as they could.

Slow, But Possibly Dangerous


This adorable but annoyed three-toed sloth is being pretty clear about his opinions on photography. He wants nothing to do with it, and looks like he might even eat your camera if you tried to get a snapshot of him.

Although sloths are usually pretty good-natured and are literally the slowest mammals on earth, we’d back away from this guy ASAP. He seriously means business, and we don’t want to be on the receiving end of it.

Hip, Hip, Hooray


Or whatever the opposite of “hooray” is. Trust us when we say you don’t want to be on the wrong end of a hippo’s bad mood. It turns out that this particular shot is of a mother hipp who’s being bitten by her calf. How rude.

So it’s understandable that she’s not exactly feeling camera-ready. After all, she has a mouthful of food too. Who on earth would want a photo of themselves at this moment?

Polar Photo Booth

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images
Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

Is this adorable polar bear hiding from the camera? Or is she under the impression that there’s a camera in that ship’s porthole and she’s just hamming it up for a perfect selfie? We knew that polar bears were curious creatures, but this picture is too much!

The photographer who captured this image should be really proud of this work. A shot like this doesn’t come along every day, even in the Arctic wilds.

Two Cameras Too Many

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

This photo was snapped at the Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park in northern China. That adorable cub is a baby Siberian tiger, which is one of the most endangered species in the world. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel like smiling for the cameras or posing with this child.

The zoo claims that they have an 80% survival rate among the hundred or so cubs born there each year. That’s great news!

A Classic

a kangaroo punches a person with a camera

This photo is an absolute classic. Kangaroos are known to be temperamental animals, so anyone who tries to mess with one should know that they’re taking a huge risk.

The photographer seen here was taught a big lesson by this kangaroo… his camera was sent sailing through the air after a hefty punch from the cute but dangerous marsupial. The person who took this pic of the animal and the photographer captured a truly classic shot.

No Humans Needed


These completely cute chipmunks happen to be excellent photographers. Such good photographers, in fact, that they don’t even need a human to take their pictures. See, the one on the right is able to handle the camera’s many settings while the one on the left models different poses.

We can only hope these guys publish a book of their artwork, or maybe even a calendar. We’d be first in line to buy a signed copy.

Run, Run, Run, As Fast As You Can


Did you know that elephants can move quickly when they want to? Although they’re huge and look like they’d be slow, they can actually run pretty fast when the need arises. About 15.5 miles per hour, to be exact, although that rate is only for short distances.

This particular elephant is using his running abilities to scurry away from the photographer who’s trying to capture his image. Although it’s blurry, it’s still an amazing shot.

Animal Paparazzi


Ever wonder how nature photographers get those stunning, once-in-a-lifetime shots? Well, it turns out that they have to go to great lengths at times. This dedicated photog is a good example of that. He’s not only partially submerged in water but he’s also wearing an incredibly awkward swan disguise.

We’d just love to see the pictures he captured this day… especially if some confused swans thought he was Björk at the 2001 Academy Awards and wanted to preen for her.

You’d Better Run If You See This “Dance”


This is a pretty funny-looking pose, performed by a skunk that was captured on a wildlife monitoring camera. But he wasn’t joking around! If you ever come across a skunk that appears to be “dancing” like this, run away as fast as you can because you are about to be sprayed.

Skunks emit a really foul-smelling liquid when they sense danger, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a skunk spray. Luckily, they usually give a warning (like this headstand) before they stink everything up.