These Behind The Scene Photos Of Actors And Their Stunt Doubles Ruin Everything

It’s hard to imagine our favorite action-packed movies without the risky car chases or hand-to-hand combat scenes. Green screens and CGI have helped advance film technology, but most of these tricks are all thanks to stunt doubles. Tom Cruise is one of the few who insists on doing all of his own stunts, but most actors don’t want to take the risk and call in some extra help.

The work that stunt doubles do doesn’t go unnoticed. Actors praise and appreciate their doubles. One actor’s double is actually his cousin. I’m not here to try and ruin the magic for anyone, but seeing these actors and actresses with their stunt doubles is freaking me out.

Behind the scenes on the set of Back to the Future has us seeing quadruple!

So You’re Saying There Are Two Ways To Get With Thor?

chris hemsworht and stunt double.jpg

Photo credit: @bobbydazzler84 / Instagram

Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton is well known in the stunt world for being the long-time double for Chris Hemsworth. Usually, everyone forgets about the stuntman, but Hanton has captured the attention of his 108k Instagram followers.

Anyone who looks like Thor but is an actual bad boy is bound to capture the attention of all the ladies out there.