These Treehouses Will Make You Consider Leaving the Bustling City for a Home in the Secluded Wilderness

Remember your childhood treehouse — and that feeling of climbing up through the trap door in the floor. For many of us, it was the first place we ever had to ourselves, as rickety and potentially dangerous as it was. We also use the term “to ourselves” very loosely because let’s be honest, it was filled with spiders.

Thankfully, these modern treehouses from around the world are mostly devoid of arachnids (though, that’s always a risk if you’re sleeping in the trees). From Africa to Sweden, these amazing treehouses will make you consider leaving the bustling city for a home in the secluded wilderness.

Redwoods Treehouse (Auckland, New Zealand)

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

To get to this gorgeous treehouse 10 meters up the trunk of a redwood tree, you’re going to have to go down under. This striking structure is located just north of Auckland, New Zealand on a private road. Though it’s undeniably magical once it’s lit up at night, the structure was originally created as part of a 2008 Yellow Pages marketing campaign

Today, the Redwoods Treehouse is a private venue used for parties, product launches, and weddings. Customers can rent it out for around $3,000 AUD. Just remember it only holds about 30 to 50 guests, so any event you throw will be inherently exclusive. Isn’t that what treehouses are for?