This Man Has Been Digging a Hole For 20 Years Straight to Fulfill a Divine Mission

More than two decades ago, Santiago Sanchez received what he believes is a divine mission from God: to dig a hole in his backyard until God tells him to stop. He decided to obey this “mission” and has now spent the last 20 years digging a winding tunnel on his property.

Sanchez is adamant about being the only one to dig the hole. He accepts help from no one and spends hours each day digging and shoveling out hundreds of pounds of earth. Although he doesn’t allow others to enter, he let a reporter in the hole in 2016, but things soon took a turn for the worst. Read Sanchez’ fascinating story here.

The Divine Call

santiago sanchez
Reprodução/Primer Impacto/Univison
Reprodução/Primer Impacto/Univison

In 1998, Santiago Sanchez says he received a divine mission: to spend the rest of his life digging a hole. Without stopping. According to Sanchez, it was “God” who asked him to fulfill this mission in what he has called a “spiritual revelation.”

Since beginning his mission, Sanchez has taken little rest in order to dig as much as possible. You will be amazed at the amount of land he has already dug through.