What Scientists Found Lurking Under The Ice

Ice has the unique ability to preserve history. There’s a reason we use the phrase “frozen in time.” When temperatures drop below zero, some pretty bizarre things can start happening.

Scientists have found all kinds of things preserved in ice, from tools to animals to evidence of early humans. Take a trip up north with us to learn about all of the ways ice has acted as a time capsule. Some of these photos make you wonder what else is left to be discovered under the ice.

Staying Alive

Photo Credit: National Post
Photo Credit: National Post

Just because an animal is frozen in ice, that doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Some kinds of alligators can survive the whole winter in a frozen marsh.

You would think alligators wouldn’t be able to survive in the cold because reptiles are cold-blooded, but these reptiles can put their bodies into a state of temporary hibernation. Their bodies require less energy during hibernation, so they can survive the cold weather.