What’s Up, Doc? All The Things You Never Knew About Your Favorite Cartoon Rabbit

Warner Bros. created Bugs Bunny in the 1930s, and the slick rabbit has been dominating TV screens around the world ever since. Bugs Bunny is fast-talking, smart, and always getting into trouble. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the legendary rabbit.

Who would ever think that a cartoon character would have so much scandal and history behind them? Lean up against a fence, pull out a carrot, and enjoy these entertaining facts about Bugs Bunny. From his humble origins to a possible clothesless scene (yes, it’s possible), there is more to Bugs than just two big ears and a fluffy tail.

Bugs Looks Different In His First Appearance

Photo credit: @WolvoMan / YouTube
Photo credit: @WolvoMan / YouTube

Bugs Bunny appeared kind of by accident. Warner Bros. had success with Daffy Duck and wanted to reuse some of his jokes in a new short. Someone suggested they “dress the duck in a rabbit suit” and Bugs was born.

On April 30, 1938, Bugs appeared with Porky Pig in Porky’s Hare Hunt, and the rest is history.