When A Massive Whale Wouldn’t Leave This Diver Alone, She Had No Idea What Would Happen

What started out as a routine dive for experienced marine biologist Nan Hauser turned deadly when a massive humpback whale began to aggressively push her around. While this species is normally friendly, this humpback was acting completely out of character. Hauser’s struggles to stay away from the behemoth proved futile as it became more and more aggressive. However, Hauser would have never guessed the reason behind this whale’s horrifying behavior. As the situation unfolded, Hauser discovered the truth behind the whale’s aggression. Read on to learn what happened between Hauser and the whale that left scientists scratching their heads.

A Marine Wildlife Expert


Nan Hauser is a veteran marine biologist who has spent the majority of her life monitoring the ocean, in particular whales and dolphins. After 28 years of experience, her career has led her to take part in countless dives and expeditions in the Cook Islands as well as the Bahamas.

Hauser even managed to turn the territorial waters off the South Pacific’s Cook Islands into a whale sanctuary. She has been featured on shows airing on Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic.