Home Hacks You Might Wish You Knew About Earlier

Owning or renting a home may come with its own set of problems but it doesn’t always need to be so difficult. There are plenty of quick and easy fixes that offer a new approach to tidying up and maintaining your home. Did you know essential oils can give your bathroom 24-hour freshness? Or that a certain household tool is perfect for picking up pet hair? From simple chores around the house to storage shortcuts that open up more space you didn’t know you had, these home hacks will hopefully make your life that much easier!

Put This In Your Toilet To Conserve Water

Conserving water is one of the top concerns for eco-friendly households. In addition to taking shorter showers, you could also reduce the amount of water you flush every time you hit the toilet.

put a brick in toilet to reduce water usage

One way to do this (without having to not flush at all, which is gross) is to put a brick or a jar full of water in the back of your toilet. After a flush, less water will go back in the tank due to the volume the brick takes up.