This Basketball Star Married The Man She Helped Free From Prison

The Innocence Project reports that approximately 1% of US prisoners were falsely convicted. One of those many people was Jonathan Irons. Basketball superstar Maya Moore met Jonathan more than a decade ago while he was still incarcerated. Something about him touched Maya’s heart, and she spent years fighting for his freedom. Though it was an incredibly difficult journey, the pair changed one another’s lives for the better. Read on for more about their uniquely beautiful love story.

They Met When She Was 18


Before Maya became a major league basketball player, she was a teenager looking to get involved in her community in a positive way. The 18-year-old Maya was part of a prison ministry program.

It was through this outreach program that she met Jonathan Irons. Then 27-years-old, Jonathan had been incarcerated for 11 years at the time. As their friendship blossomed, Maya became aware of how much Jonathan stood out among the rest. Eventually, his story inspired her to make a change.