Comedian Got Revenge On A Woman Who Left Her Dog’s Mess All Over The Airport

Anyone who travels has likely met a rude person at the airport. Stand-up comedian Steve Hofstetter has traveled thousands of miles to his gigs, and he met one of the worst airport-goers of all. On Reddit, he posted this account of a woman who let her dog poop in the middle of an LAX terminal.

The story has since gone viral because of its relatable content and satisfying revenge ending. Although many debate the authenticity of the story, it’s still a fun tale to enjoy. See how one comedian avenged his fellow passengers by misleading the meanest airport guest of them all.

Airports Are Never Fun, But…

Steve Hofstetter on stage talking about the Twitter boycot
YouTube/Comedy Juice
YouTube/Comedy Juice

Have you ever run into a rude person at the airport? Most of us have. In 2017, comedian Steve Hofstetter encountered the rudest airport attendee of all time. He was so frustrated that he decided to enact revenge.

Steve posted his entire story on the Pro-Revenge subreddit and later on Facebook, where both posts quickly went viral. He claims that he may have gone too far, but did he? You can decide after reading the entire story.