Farmer Was Tired Of People Illegally Parking On His Land And Got Revenge

It’s no secret that running a farm is one of the hardest jobs out there. It means early mornings and manual labor under the sun day in and day out. So, when people continued to ignore a farmer’s plea to stop illegally parking on his land, he decided to take matters into his own hands. By that point, he was done trying to do things the nice way and needed to start teaching people a lesson.

Meet Davao Bedekovic, The Farmer

Red tractor on land

Davao Bedekovic is the owner of a farm that thoughtless people assumed they could use as a parking lot. He has depended on his land and its mineral-rich soil for some time, but once a week, everything he works hard for is threatened.

Bedekovic is a humble man and would rather not draw any attention to himself or his land. However, a viral video taken of what he did to stop people from parking on his land changed his life for the better.