Foods We Thought Were Very Safe That Can Actually Be Deadly

You’re probably going to be surprised about what foods can and can’t kill you. Actually, let me be more pointed here and say that you ARE going to be surprised. Many of the things on this list are perfectly fine to eat normally, but can be dangerous if you catch them at the wrong time of year, or if you eat the seeds.

You may think you eat healthy, but let me assure you, you’re going to be worrying about putting these food items in your grocery cart after reading this.


Twitter / @TepYoeurn
Twitter / @TepYoeurn

In some parts of the world, people eat octopus alive. Yes, alive. No, if it’s cooked it isn’t dangerous, so you boujee people can still enjoy cooked octopus.

But, the practice can be fairly dangerous because the suckers can get caught in your throat and cause asphyxiation. Not the best death.