Holiday Gifts For Your Partner That Should Be The Do-Not-Buy List

While the holidays are a time for giving, not all gifts are worth, well, giving. When it comes to the lady in your life, there are a few items that should be left on the shelves.

So, put down that exercise ball and walk straight past the socks; these gifts just aren’t worth the embarrassment.

A Pet Is A Lot Of Responsibility They Didn’t Ask For

A dog, cat, or even bird is a great addition to the family. The thing is, they aren’t exactly a no-frills gift. It’s a life that needs to be taken care of!

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Raymond Hall/GC Images

Before purchasing a pet for Christmas, just think to yourself, “huh, who is going to take care of this animal?” It’s a whole lot of responsibility that needs to be discussed.

Romance Novels Should Be Kept Private

Even if romance novels are the genre of choice, the giver is going to be beet red seeing their wife open a risqué novel in front of the family on Christmas morning.

JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images
JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images

Nothing says “this was a bad idea” than a dad asking about the plot of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Shapewear Shouldn’t Be On Anyone’s Radar

Thanks to the Kardashian clan, shapewear has become popular. That’s great; women should feel comfortable wearing clothing. But that doesn’t mean partners should be purchasing shapewear for their loved ones for Christmas.

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David M. Benett/Getty Images

this is one of those things that, if they want it, they can go buy it themselves.

A Calendar Is A Bit Boring

Yes, a calendar is a very practical gift. But it really sends the message that nothing was thought out, and you grabbed the first thing off the shelf that looked somewhat cute — hey, cat and dog calendars are kind of in right now!

Beham Norouzi/Unsplash
Beham Norouzi/Unsplash

However, skip over the calendar. It is boring. There are cellphones. Do better.

A DVD Is So Early 2000s

Ninety’s and 2000s items are in right now, but that doesn’t mean gifts should go back in time. DVDs are kind of an ancient artifact now since streaming services have come into the picture.

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Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Even if it is their favorite movie, save the money on the over-priced DVD and move on to better and greener pastures of this decade.

Anti-Aging Products Are A Big No-No

The last thing a lady wants from her partner is them subtly telling them that they are aging via a stocking stuffer of wrinkle cream. Unless they have a product they use on a daily basis, this is a product that shouldn’t cross anyone’s mind.

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Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So, don’t ruin a lovely Christmas morning and steer clear of the cosmetics aisle in all stores.

Cleaning Supplies…Enough Said

Unless the cleaning supply happens to be one of those hand towels with funny and witty sayings, don’t even think about getting cleaning supplies as a gift.

Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

It is no longer the housewife era of the 1950s, and other people are more than capable of helping mom clean the house.

Exercise Equipment Sends The Wrong Message

While a majority of people don’t mind exercising, buying equipment for your loved one over the holidays sends the wrong message. It says, “Honey, you really need to get in shape after eating two servings of Christmas dinner.”

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Barrie Fanton/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Unless she outright asks for some weights or even an exercise ball, it is so not worth the “oh, so you think I’m gaining weight?” fight.

A Knife Is Just Creepy

A nice cutlery set is a fantastic gift for a new homeowner. That being said, gifting one large Michael Meyers-esk knife is not only weird; it is beyond creepy.


It is Christmas, not Halloween (and even that would be weird). There is no need to gift a giant steak knife with no explanation, folks.

Ugly Sweaters Are A Personal Purchase

Unless it is a holiday tradition to gift ugly sweaters, this gift should not be purchased. When it comes to ugly sweaters, they tend to be a personal purchase, something that comes from the deep-seated hilarious nature in someone’s heart.

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Michael Bezjian/WireImage

Please don’t take that away from them by purchasing an ugly sweater for them to wear at next year’s ugly sweater party.

Skis Are An Expensive Gesture

It might be wintertime, but that doesn’t mean winter sporting gear like skis are a good gift idea. In fact, it is a very expensive gift idea that keeps on spending money.

Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart
Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart

Now, there is the matter of lessons and lift tickets. Who is about to spend that kind of cash?

Cash Is Great But Meaningless

People might be asking, “who doesn’t love cash?” Answer: a loving wife on Christmas morning. Sorry, but the fact of the matter is her money is most likely her husband’s money. Ergo, said husband did nothing more than give her something they already share.

Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash
Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Instead, try spending the money on something she wants; just a thought.

Boxed Hair Dye Is A Poor Choice

When shopping for a Christmas gift, please, do not go out and purchase boxed hair dye. First off, just because someone’s roots are showing doesn’t mean they want it to be pointed out.

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Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Secondly, if they do like dying their hair, it is a safe bet that they go to a salon to get it professionally done.

Souvenirs Are A Bit On The Tacky Side

Souvenirs are a great reminder of trips loved ones have gone on together. But gifting a magnet, keychain, or t-shirt from London doesn’t exactly scream, “I thought long and hard about this lovely gift I am giving you for the holidays.”

Jossie Hu/Unsplash
Jossie Hu/Unsplash

In fact, it is a bit on the tacky side.

Re-Gifting Can Come Back To Bite You

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with re-gifting, as long as the person getting the re-gift is a long, distant friend who has no idea that they are getting something no one else wanted.

Kira auf her HeideHire/Unsplash
Kira auf her HeideHire/Unsplash

When it comes to a wife, it is really best not to push the envelope. Seriously, she probably knows every little thing that is floating around the household. So, re-gifting a present that has been sitting in the basement for months is a mistake that will likely result in an awkward in-front-of-the-family fight that she will win.

Don’t Even Think About Buying A Scale

Even if the scale in the bathroom is broken and a new one has been on the shopping list, it doesn’t mean it should be wrapped and under the tree. Going out on a limb here and saying the wife won’t be too excited to open that gift up Christmas morning.

i yunmai/Unsplash
i yunmai/Unsplash

It sends the message that she should lose weight, and that is one argument that should never happen because, sorry, she will win, and you will be sleeping on the couch.

A Work Dress That, Whoops, Might Be The Wrong Size

It is best not to buy clothing for a present, especially if it is a work dress. Seriously, who wants work clothing for the holidays? It is literally the time to think about anything but work.

Becca Mchaffie/Unsplash
Becca Mchaffie/Unsplash

On top of that, say the wrong size is purchased! The look on her face seeing a dress two sizes bigger than her actual size is not something that will be soon forgotten.

A Donation That Wasn’t Looked Into

The holidays are a time of giving, and a donation to a great cause is an amazing way to give back to the community and help others. That being said, if this is a gift option, be sure to look into any and all organizations.

Joe Szczepanska/Unsplash
Joe Szczepanska/Unsplash

The last thing that needs to happen is donating to some horrible organization because the fine print was too fine, and you overlooked details.

Voodoo Dolls Are Not As Funny As They May Seem

Your wife might have some people in her life that she would prefer to disappear. So, a voodoo doll might seem like a sound gift option. It is not. They are creepy and weird, with pins sticking out of them.

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Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images

Christmas is a time for cheer, not for stabbing dolls with pointy objects.

Useless Tchotchkes That Will Collect Dust

Dust, dust, and, wait, more dust. There is nothing worse than gifting tchotchke figurines on Christmas. They will do nothing more than sit in a box in the basement or attic, taking up space and collecting dust.

Bofu Shaw/Unsplash
Bofu Shaw/Unsplash

If there are plastic figurines in sight while you’re shopping, keep on walking and don’t look back.

Does Anyone Even Like Fruitcake?

Considering there are probably numerous homemade baked goods ready to devour after Christmas dinner, bypass the store-bought fruitcake. Honestly, it is amazing fruitcake has lasted this long in society, considering it tends to be the only thing left untouched on the table.

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Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images
Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images

Literally, any other baked good is a better gift than a dry fruitcake.

Air Fresheners Are A Bit Rude

For some reason, gifting air fresheners and candles has become a thing. Pro tip: it shouldn’t. Giving someone, especially someone living in the same house, something meant to give the house a fresh smell is a bit rude and sends the wrong message.

Air Wick
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

It says, “the house smells, and I bought something so you can fix it.”

Hoverboards Are Dangerous And So Last Season

When hoverboards came on the market, they were the toy of the future, a cool, new way to skate around without actually having to skate. That being said, the toy shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar as a suitable gift, especially for their wife.

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Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images
Daniel Karmann/picture alliance via Getty Images

They are dangerous, and literally, hundreds of thousands were recalled for, wait for it, exploding!

Zip, Nada, Nothing

There are many bad gifts on the market. But nothing is worse than receiving nothing, especially when that nothing comes from your partner. In a way, purchasing something silly like toothpaste is even better than having nothing wrapped under the tree.


It looks like not a single care was given, which is the exact opposite of the Christmas spirit.

Toilet Paper Is Not A Thoughtful Gift

Save the money, shame, humiliation, embarassment, and ridicule, and don’t even think about buying toilet paper for a Christmas gift. The general rule here is: don’t buy anything that is undoubtedly already being bulk ordered on Amazon.

Kev Bation/Unsplash
Kev Bation/Unsplash

For anyone thinking of buying dry products as a gift, this is the forewarning that it is a bad idea.

A Gift Certificate For A Wax

While a spa day is always appreciated, be careful about which service is being purchased. A massage, facial, and even a manicure and pedicure would all be fantastic options.

Ivan Hzgbudog/Unsplash
Ivan Hzgbudog/Unsplash

On the other hand, a wax is a personal procedure that doesn’t need to be gifted in the form of a certificate.

A Fly Swatter Should Never Be Under The Tree

A fly swatter might come in handy a time or two around the house. A practical instrument that, if found under the tree, will bring only wide-eyed stares and numerous questions as to why it was purchased as a Christmas gift.

Fly Swatter
Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images
Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Save the humiliation for another day and use that tend dollars to buy something else.

Socks Are Cliché

Unless they are in dire, dire, dire need of socks, it is a general rule that they should not be found wrapped in Christmas paper. One of the most cliché gifts around, socks aren’t exactly the most thoughtful present.

Carl Kho/Unsplash
Carl Kho/Unsplash

Honestly, it is safe to say that someone would prefer chocolates over a packet of Target-bought socks. In fact, just give them a Target gift card!

Clip-On Hair Extensions Are Just Weird

Hair extensions are a fun way to try new hairstyles. But no one wants to open a box only to see a thing of hair floating around. Not only is it weird, but very gross.

Michael Reichel/picture alliance via Getty Images
Michael Reichel/picture alliance via Getty Images

Drugstore hair extensions aren’t notorious for their good quality either, so save the cash and get something from the heart and not for the head.

A Magazine Subscription Is Not The Best Idea

Sorry, but magazine subscriptions are a thing of the past. At least, hard copy magazines. Even so, gifting your wife an online subscription is really not any better.

Mauricio Santos/Unsplash
Mauricio Santos/Unsplash

If they want a subscription, they can go about it themselves. You’re better off thinking of something a bit less drab, a lot more fab, like something that could be found in the magazine.