Only In Florida: Alligator Chills On A Pool Raft Of Himself

alligator chilling on pool toy of himself

If you want to vacation in the Sunshine State, remember the likelihood of an alligator relaxing in your pool with you. David Jacobs stayed in a rental in Southwest Miami-Dade County for a wedding. He awoke this weekend to find an alligator soaking up the sun on an inflated likeness of itself in the home’s pool.

The family first noticed the alligator in the lake behind the home, curiously interested in the family’s small dog. Little did the family know that the gator followed them all the way home. The animal gave them a comical surprise on Sunday morning.

Jacobs shared the photo with the TV station WPLG in Miami, where it quickly made its rounds around the internet.

Jacobs called the owner of the rental, who contacted a wildlife management company to remove the reptile safely. (The real one, not the pool toy.) No one was hurt, but a lot of people were amused.