Peculiar Photos Taken At Disney Parks

Disney parks are known as the happiest places on earth. People from all over the world make the trip to ride the thrilling attractions, eat delicious food, see their favorite Disney characters, and much more.

With 44,000 people a day visiting Disneyland alone, having so many people in one place can sometimes lead to some strange situations. Visitors are always snapping photos of their Disney vacation. We’ve gathered the strangest photos ever captured at Disney parks.

Grumpy On Splash Mountain

YouTube: Inside Edition
YouTube: Inside Edition

The point of going to an amusement park is to have a good time and forget about the stress of daily life. When this woman rode Splash Mountain her facial expression made her seem less than thrilled to be there.

After this photo was taken Jordan Alexander had a new name on the internet as the “Angry Splash Mountain lady.” Her grumpy attitude was due to her husband ditching her last minute right before they got on the ride.