How A Single Photo Sent By A Woman Pushed Her Husband To Divorce

These days, it’s easy to send photos to anyone, anytime, anywhere on your phone. However, this convenience can sometimes change people’s fates. This is the story of a couple who were in love, but a simple photo sent by the wife made the husband decide to divorce her immediately.

This tale is a lesson that people should be careful when sending photos to others. From the moment you hit the “send” button, you may have already created your own tragedy…

A Marriage That Was Going Well

Iris and Thomas had a great married life together. They’d gotten married two years ago, looking after each other and enjoying each other’s company every day. “Where are we going to go on our next vacation?” was a common topic of conversation.

Picture of couple

But it wasn’t smooth sailing forever. The two were soon going to face insurmountable problems that they never would have foreseen. A single photograph would change their destiny.