In Photos: The Most Hilarious Kids’ Science Fair Projects

A science fair is a competition where students aim to conduct the best science-based project. Often, students get to choose a subject as long as it fits into the scientific method. These subjects can get pretty hilarious. For instance, a few boys tested texting while playing MarioKart, and another kid turned a trash can into a robot. Here are the funniest science fair projects posted online.

Testing Her Thesis First-Hand

This student titled her project, “Jumping off Buildings: How High Is too High?” Usually, students might test this by dropping an egg or calculating physics. But based on the casts on both of her arms, she might have tried it first-hand.

We have to wonder how she wrote or put together this poster with two broken wrists. Considering that she cannot write, her finished project is impressive. But perhaps should not jump off high places next time!

An Excuse To Play Mario Kart

Mario Kart is an intense experience. If you look away for one second, you might run into a banana peel and end up in 12th place. These two boys tested their focus in Mario Kart with an experiment titled, “The Effect of Texting on Mario Kart Performance.”

Two boys hold up a poster,
WKMS Science Department/Pinterest
WKMS Science Department/Pinterest

This is the kids’ version of texting while driving, but instead of running into a fence, the player will run into Bowser. On the bright side, this project was an excuse for the two of them to play Mario Kart.

Don’t Tell Her Stepdad About This

When this student worked on her science project, she used her stepfather as the test subject. Her project is titled, “Step Dad Manipulation: How to Get What You Want.” Based on the pictures on the poster, she likely asked for a horse.

A little girl's science project is on
Toni S./Pinterest
Toni S./Pinterest

How she could quantify stepdad manipulation remains a mystery. Perhaps she asked him for several different things and averaged the answers. That graph implies that she might have gotten a lot of what she wanted.

Testing His Own Hair

Film composer Joe Shirley made an unusual science project as a kid. His science project, “Bowl Cut Aerodynamics,” was clearly based on his own hair. Or better yet, he might have gotten that cut for the science project.

Bowl cuts might not be in style now, but have you ever tested the aerodynamics of your own hair? Perhaps this kid is onto something. We’ll be waiting for his next project, “Aerodynamics of a Mullet.”

Well? How Many?

This girl’s science project says, “How Many Bees Can I Fit In My Mouth?” It does involve physics and math, as she cannot actually put bees into her mouth and has to calculate it. But she made a funny twist on a standard physics project.

A girl has a science project poster that says
Amber Green/Pinterest
Amber Green/Pinterest

In case you’re wondering, the answer could be well over 100. The Guinness World Record for fitting bees into the mouth is 109. Yes, that is an actual world record that someone accomplished.

Turning Trash Into…Something Else

This student took a trash can and transformed it into something…productive? Dangerous? According to the title, it is a “killer trash can robot.” Don’t be surprised if this student ends up working for the Pentagon one day.

A student's project is titled
Rosa for Life/Pinterest
Rosa for Life/Pinterest

On the bright side, that robot does not look too scary. But it might be tired of people throwing trash into it. Instead, it will throw other people in the trash! What a science fair project for the ages.

He Had To Trick Many People For This Project

This student took an April Fool’s prank to the highest level. His project, “How Much Sawdust Can You Put in a Rice Crispy Treat Before People Notice?” had to trick a lot of people. Good thing sawdust is safe to eat.

A student's science fair project is titled,

In 2019, YouTuber William Osman performed his own scientific test on the same subject. Participants had to eat a surprisingly large amount of sawdust to notice, around 60% or so. Lesson learned: make sure nobody has tampered with your Rice Crispies.

A Very Relatable Problem

Science projects are about solving problems. This girl wrote her project on a relatable issue, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating Cake?” We relate; who doesn’t love eating cake?

A girl's science project is titled,
Melissa Wheaton/Pinterest
Melissa Wheaton/Pinterest

If you are interested, the answer is that glucose (sugar) is essential for survival. Our bodies evolved to crave sugar, and the brain releases feel-good hormones when we eat it. That is why many people crave sweets and salty foods like cheese. Who knew that this would make an enlightening science project?

The Self-Aware Project

Science fair projects are stressful, not just for the students, but for the families who help them purchase supplies and put it together. In 2017, a redditor posted their middle schooler’s science fair project about this. It was called, “How Much Turmoil Does the Science Project Cause Families?”

A science fair poster is called,

Based on the graph beneath the title, it seems like this project causes a lot of turmoil. If you look to the right, you’ll see, “Everyone HATES the science fair.”

Asking The Real Questions

This student asked a question that he probably asks every day of his life: “Why do chicks dig me?” So, he put that question to the test with his science project. How he was able to quantify it remains a mystery.

A kid's science project is titled,
Angela Andujar/Pinterest
Angela Andujar/Pinterest

Clearly, his use of the scientific method outshined many other students. In the photo, he holds up a medal from the science fair. Perhaps the judges wanted to know how they, too, could become chick magnets.

A True Memeologist

In 2017, a student posted their science project to reddit: “Analyzing Trends in Memes.” Modern students can follow trends in memes better than anyone. Why not make a science project about it?

A science project says,

Believe it or not, there are experts who study memes. The field is called memetics and has risen in the past few decades due to cultural changes from the internet. As a perk, people who study memes get to laugh along the way.

The Easiest Scientific Test Ever

This student invented an easy test method: poke things with a stick. His project, “Things I Poked with a Stick,” reflects this. What was he testing while poking things with a stick? It is unclear.

Based on the photos, he seemed to poke an ant, soda can, shoe, adult man, balloon, and outlet. For a young boy, poking things with a stick is prime entertainment. His creativity made for an engaging science fair poster title.

How To Get Away With Writing Nothing

Many students procrastinate and rush on their project last-minute. This student did not do that. Instead, she found a way to write nothing by titling her project, “How to Draw a Blank.”

A girl's science fair project is called,
Ryan Stewart/Pinterest
Ryan Stewart/Pinterest

All of the poster’s sections, from the procedure to the graphs, are blank. She truly knows how to draw a blank. This project likely will not win the science fair, but it does get points for creativity. And it is an effective tutorial.

But How Do We Taste The Rainbow?

Based on the title of the poster, you might believe that the project is about why or how Skittles are colored. That’s what many people online thought. But although it sounds funny to test Skittles, this project actually has a scientific basis.

A student puts up a poster science project on the colors of Skittles.
Susan Mock/Pinterest
Susan Mock/Pinterest

The purpose of the project was to see which mixture dissolved Skittles dye the fastest. The student had to put her chemistry knowledge to the test and made an engaging poster. At least she got to eat some of them.

Spilling Tea On The NFL

In 2019, many NFL fans were debating whether Tom Brady of the New England Patriots had cheated. This fifth-grade student decided to ask the same question for his science project. The best part? He won the science fair.

NBC picked up the story, saying that he was “answering the question that fans of 31 NFL teams already know the answer to.” Unsurprisingly, this project had mixed reactions from fans. But at least he won the fair!

What Is An Ironic Breakfast?

At first glance, the science project title “What an Ironic Breakfast” makes no sense. What is an ironic breakfast? An anti-breakfast? But if you look closer, you’ll notice that the title is, “What an ‘Iron’ic Breakfast.”

A science project is titled,
Mindy Hanna/Pinterest
Mindy Hanna/Pinterest

The project tests the amount of iron in breakfast cereals. The project title is funny and grabs peoples’ attentions, which is the goal of a science fair poster. Besides, have you ever wondered which vitamins are in your breakfast cereal?

Cats Do Like Music!

If you cannot read the narrow font on this poster, it is titled, “Cats Like Music.” This student tested how much cats enjoy music and which genres they enjoy. Perhaps their research can help cat owners in the future.

A science fair poster says,

Imagine how much fun this would be to test. To study it, the student just had to play music for cats. People do that anyway, but they do not receive a science fair award for it!

Taking Pokémon To The Next Level

This student applied his interest in Pokémon to his science class. His poster is titled, “Pokémon Battle Strategies.” To pull this off, he must have partaken in some intense card game battles during recess.

A science fair poster is titled

Pokémon is one of those games that has been around for decades, and card-trading is a big deal. Even professional Pokémon players compete! They might learn a thing or two from this science fair project. If this student becomes a professional player, don’t be surprised.

He Drank A Lot For This Project

While some students work on a project that they dislike, this boy chose something he knew he would enjoy. It is called, “Liquids I like to Drink.” It sounds cute, but if you look at the liquids in front of the poster, you might feel concerned.

A kid's science project is called,
Kenzi Crawford/Pinterest
Kenzi Crawford/Pinterest

Not only are sodas there, but also dish soap, cleaners, and bleach. Hopefully, he did not drink any of these. Perhaps they are displayed as examples of liquids he does not like to drink.

Goldfish Owners Want To Know

Some people think that goldfish are boring pets. But this student disagrees; they even tested whether they could train their goldfish. “Can a Goldfish Do Tricks?” is their science fair project title.

A poster science project is titled,
Sharon Inkpen/Pinterest
Sharon Inkpen/Pinterest

You might be thinking, “Could their goldfish do tricks?” Based on those photos, the goldfish at least jumped around a bit. Several bloggers have taught their goldfish tricks, and there’s even a Wikihow page about it. It seems like that project was successful!