Regrettable Couples Tattoos Are Twice The “Oops”

How do you show your significant other that you love them? Flowers, cooking a meal, or giving him or her a foot rub are some ways to demonstrate that you care. But if you really want to make an impression you can celebrate your love by getting matching tattoos.

Some couples tattoos are very tasteful and romantic. Others… not so much. It’s really important to do some research before you dive in and get your body permanently inked. The following couples probably should have thought twice before going to the tattoo parlor. Check out some of their body art, which is most certainly regrettable…

Nothing Says Love Like Vomit


This couple may share a deep love of the animated series South Park. We get that. Perhaps they feel like they can relate to some of the characters. But couldn’t they have selected a tattoo that’s more fun and less disgusting?

This one shows Stan on a man’s arm and Wendy on the woman’s. As a stand-alone tattoo, the Stan one isn’t nearly as bad as the Wendy one. It’s hard to understand why someone would want a tattoo of a character splattered in vomit. Out of context, you probably would have no idea what it was all about.