The Surprising Personality Traits Your Facial Features Reveal About You

The shape, size, color, and density of our facial features can reveal a lot about our personality. Without speaking a word, our faces alone are a roadmap to our personal nature.

Face reading, or physiognomy, is the ancient practice of assessing an individual’s character based on their outer appearance. While not exactly a science, there is a lot that can be learned about individuals from their physiognomy. Read on to find out what your facial features say about you!

Brow Game Strong


People with naturally strong, thick eyebrows like Lucy Hale are not only on-trend and the envy of modern, thinner-browed women everywhere, but are also driven and confident. Just like their brows, their personalities tend to be bold and assertive.

According to Jean Haner, an expert on face reading, people with strong brows are more logical, will stand up to others, can handle their emotions, and have a strong libido. That’s a pretty decent combination of traits!