Surrogate’s Belly Keeps Growing, Doctor Discovers Something In Ultrasound

Shaniece decided to do the most selfless act humanly possible: become a surrogate for a young couple. She witnessed surrogacy before, so she thought her experience wouldn’t be any different. Shaniece followed all of the steps: she made sure to take her prenatal vitamins, eat healthy meals, and of course, get enough rest!

After something felt wrong, Shaniece went to the doctor. You will never believe what he discovered in the ultrasound.

Something’s Wrong

Something's wrong
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The pregnancy was going well! That is until the second trimester hit. Even though this was Shaniece’s first pregnancy, she knew something was wrong when her stomach grew substantially larger than what is considered normal. Was something wrong with the baby?

She could never satisfy the baby’s hunger. Her back was in excruciating pain due to the extra belly weight, and comfort was a thing long in the past. Was this all normal?