The Coolest Pop-up Restaurants Inspired By Fictional Characters

Many cafés look the same: wooden shelves, coffee bar, and regular lattes. But what if you entered a restaurant and saw everything–the walls, the dishes, and the food itself–represent your favorite character, book series, or TV show? These shops exist all over the world, and they’re called character cafés.

Although most of these pop-up cafés only stay open for a couple of months, some of them eventually turn into permanent establishments. A Harry Potter-themed coffee shop, Pokémon and Marvel restaurants, and a Hello Kitty café, there’s no limit to fantastical character restaurants. Here are the coolest fiction-themed cafés across the world.

Disney’s Aladdin Restaurant In Sydney, Australia

The Grounds Aladdin restaurant in Sydney, Australia

If you’ve watched Aladdin wishing that you could be in that world, take a trip to The Grounds in Sydney, Australia. In 2019, The Grounds transformed its floor into an Aladdin-inspired restaurant, with golden archways and hanging blue lanterns.

When the restaurant first opened, it displayed a full barn set up with hay barrels and a live camel. Now, you can still order character-inspired drinks like the “Friend Like Me” tea–served in a magic lamp, of course. Although the café closed in June, you can still find pictures of the desserts online.