What The Cruise Ship Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

It’s incredibly easy to see the appeal of cruise ships. They’re basically floating wonderlands with every fantasy you’ve ever imagined.

But, there’s a much grittier side to cruising that many people refuse to acknowledge. More than 20 million people go on a cruise every year, yet, in 2017, a record number of ships didn’t pass their health and safety check. Let’s dive into the less appetizing side of this otherwise glamorous industry.

Code Words Are Commonplace

Cruise ship worker

No, the crew doesn’t speak a different language to each other. But, they do speak in code in case of an emergency.

The code is in place so that passengers don’t hear the conversation and go into a full-blown panic. It’s generally limited to evacuation drills and bizarre special events. Keep reading to see what come common codes like “Code Charlie” and “Code Oscar” mean.