The McRib Is Back At McDonald’s

Who cares about spooky season, it’s offically McRib season. The cult favorite is returning to McDonald’s this month, and as always, it’s only here for a limited time. The barbecue pork sandwich will return to over 10,000 locations starting October 7th.

The McRib was first introduced in 1981 but was only successful enough to bring it back occasionally. The chain pulled it four years after its debut. Nowadays for fans, it’s an obsession to see when the sandwich returns. It’s almost as if half of the fun comes from the mystery of when the sandwich will come back again.

Alexander Cherven, a marketing professor at Northwestern University, says season menu items are an “important marketing tool for the food industry.”

“When you have these exclusive products, which exist for a short period of time, it gives people a reason to come to the store,” Chernev told CNN.

Fans can use the McRib locator online to see if they’re lucky enough to have the sandwich available at their local McDonald’s. Happy McRib season!