These Creative Halloween Costumes Have Officially Won The Spooky Holiday

Halloween isn’t just a spooky holiday filled with ghost, goblins, and ghouls. It’s also a big moneymaker. CNBC estimated in September 2017 that $9.1 billion would be spent on Halloween. Of that total, $3.4 billion would be shelled out for costumes. The average consumer will spend $86.13 on their costume and honestly, it will probably be duplicated by at least a few of their friends.

If you can’t stand the thought of being the 20th ghost-costume on the street then you might want to take a closer look at the holiday’s most inventive and completely-homemade costumes. These people must love Halloween and they seem to know how to create a costume people will be talking about.

A Scary Fish From The Deep Depths Of The Ocean

The anglerfish is really a marvel to behold. This fish lurks in the darkest and deepest depths of the ocean searching for prey. The dangling light on the top of this fishes head attracts its meals who come in for a closer look. If you are close enough to realize a danger is lurking, you are about to become a meal for the anglerfish.

These women did a great job of capturing the freightening nature of the fish while adding a little bit of geeked out electronics into the mix. This is impressive but we have more complex examples of DIY and super creative Halloween costumes coming up.

This 3D Printed Face Will Give You Creative Nightmares

This guy wanted to wear a mask that made his face look like a deranged serial killer had peeled it off to wear as their own. Instead of just relying on stage makeup, he went a step further. This creative Halloween costume required the man to use a 3D printer to make an exact replica of his face.

Sure he has to walk around with a prop all night long but his costume is one of the most inventive we have ever seen. Sadly, you will need to buy a 3D printer or rent one to make this costume and that won’t be cheap.

These Guys Are Winning The War Against Holidays

Do you remember playing with those little green soldier toys when you were a kid? Their limbs didn’t move but you could easily set them up on a flat surface and only your imagination could hold back your battle strategy. The little green soldiers have withstood the test of time and can still be purchased in bulk.

This office party wasn’t complete until a bunch people got together to help a friend win the costume contest. You only need some green screen jumpsuits and some green clothing to make this group costume a reality. Sure you can’t walk around all night but you’ll totally have the best costume for the office party.

Two Superheroes

Who did it best? Bat-girl or Superwoman? They both took a traditional Halloween costume idea and then vamped it up several notches. Bat-girl looks ready to take on the dance clubs in her incredibly form-fitting black uniform.


Superwoman shows a little more skin than we’re accustomed to seeing from her. But both costumes are cute, creative, and a lot of fun. Plus, the world can always use more heroes — especially cute ones!

Running An Apple Store On Halloween And He’s Not An Employee

It’s one thing to make yourself a costume that perfectly mimics the person you are emulating, it’s something completely different to follow this guy’s approach. He dressed up with the perfect Steve Jobs costume and then went to an Apple Store where he just hung around on Halloween. We’re sure the Apple geniuses were impressed with this dead-on costume but they probably hated the competition.

This is Halloween costume immersion at its finest, especially when you consider that hanging around a retail store with your iPhone in hand is the only way it really sells itself to the masses. That’s commitment!

Stock Photos Really Are Everywhere Now

This guy was the perfect candidate to pull off the stock photo look. How many times have we seen a smiling Asian guy in a suit shaking hands with a white person? Come to think of it, a lot of stock photos are rather fond of high diversity. This guy’s costume was easy to create too. He simply blew up a stock photo, cut out the guy’s head, and attached the photo to his body.

He has to wear a smile all night long but that’s worth the cost of showing off a really inventive and unique Halloween costume that nobody else was likely to copy wherever he went for Halloween.

This Girl Wins The “You Should Have Been Specific” Award

If you’re going to throw an office Halloween party and have a group costume you really need to be specific. They told everyone to dress like “dominoes” and the girl on the far right decided to dress like a pepperoni pizza. We are going to go out on a limb here and say she probably likes that topping the most on her Domino’s pizza order.

There is probably someone who is going to throw grammar our way and note that a company email about “Dominoes” is different than “Dominos” but we’re going to ignore that comment and just revel in her need to go stand out in a crowd.

Amazon Optimus Prime

Amazon Prime meets Optimus Prime. The Transformers are bigger than life and have saved the human race from certain death on numerous occasions. Amazon Prime delivers stuff to our doorstep in as little as one hour.


We consider this a tie. What better way to celebrate the greatest retail delivery service of all time and one of the greatest cartoons of a generation? Are aliens about to destroy your city? Amazon can deliver Optimus Prime to your home before you can blink.

Oogie Boogie Has Never Looked So Adorable

If Halloween isn’t complete in your home until a viewing of A Nightmare Before Christmas you need to grab some potato sacks and some thick black yarn and get to work on this costume. Oogie Boogie is a really nasty bad guy in the Tim Burton classic but this time he’s portrayed by an adorable little kid.

This might not be the most inventive costume on our list, mostly because it’s a copycat, but the fact that a little kid was chosen to wear this costume and it was built from scratch, we had to add it just for the adorable factor.

Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish? This Is Impressive

Our favorite Halloween costumes are the ones that require very specific elements to make them work. This woman created a jellyfish costume that looks pretty ordinary in daylight but quickly transforms when the lights go down. We can see this being a huge hit at a nightclub or a blacklight party.

With LED lighting these days it’s becoming easier than ever to throw on a battery pack and some lights that will stay charged all night long. We love the way this costume glows and the attention to detail that shows up only when the costume is introduced to a dark room.

A Frozen Walt Disney Returns To Us

There is an old urban legend that claims Walt Disney arranged to have himself frozen in a cryonic chamber full of liquid nitrogen following his death. It’s said that he believed technology would eventually re-animate him, allowing his aging self to experience a longer and healthier life in the future.


It’s not a true story but this guy wanted to bring that urban myth to life with this awesome Halloween costume. Throwing in a frozen Mickey Mouse with his costume was a really nice touch that adds to the creepy but cool factor of this frozen Walt Disney Halloween costume.

Bob Ross And His Painting Are Winning At Halloween

Bob Ross made a living on PBS by creating amazing landscape paintings in front of our very eyes. His TV appearances were incredibly calming and won over millions of followers. Sadly, Ross passed away in 1995 but his TV shows are still shown in re-runs and he can be seen on streaming services.

This couple decided to honor the late Ross by going out as the famous painter and one of his landscape photos. We’re not sure if this guy painted his girlfriend’s photo on his own or just copied one of Ross’ own creation, either way, it’s an incredibly unique Halloween costume.

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Scary monster faces? They hold nothing on this couple who dressed up like a low battery signal and a no-WiFi warning. Sure they might look like dead creatures of the night but in reality, the only thing dead around them is technology.

This is the type of costume that will give you nightmares for years to come, but only if you’re under 50-years-old and rely on your phone, tablet, and PCs for all of your work and life needs. Halloween costumes that make direct commentary about modern society earn extra bonus points in our opinion. This is a simple costume but also a unique option we’ve yet to see a second time during our searches for the most inventive Halloween costumes.

This Should Be The Official Halloween Costume Of Chefs

This guy figured out a simple way to show off his love of animated cartoons and creative Halloween costumes at the exact same time. We love this design because we don’t know if there is a plastic mouse in his hat or just a cutout that is casting a shadow with the help of some installed lighting.

If we’ve learned one thing about creative Halloween costumes, it’s that they tend to be more celebrated when we are left scratching our head over how it was put together. This costume should the official choice of chefs everywhere…or at least in Paris.

A Little Woodworking And A TV Icon

Costumes that people build with their own two hands are amazing and this guy doesn’t disappoint. He threw on a flannel shirt and hid his face behind a fence to play the iconic role of neighbor Wilson from Home Improvement. Admittedly, we would have never thought about creating a mini portable fence that could travel with us on Halloween.

Actor Early Hindman died in 2003 but the memory of his famous character lives on. Here’s to hoping nobody at the Halloween party had the chance to see this guy’s face. Wait until you see the next costume on our list, it will have you rethinking your store-bought options.

This Girl Is On Fire!!!

Poor Samsung, the company has managed to sell billions of smartphones but it can’t escape the past, specifically exploding devices that are a danger to everyone. This girl decided to dress up as an exploded Galaxy Note that also happens to be on fire. If only all Samsung devices would come with their own tiny fire extinguisher!


The company’s new smartphones are well-respected by critics but so was this device before airlines started banning it from the friendly skies. We’re just happy to know that people are this creative with the costumes they take time to create on their very own.

For Your Consideration… Baby President!

Do you want to see someone else in power at the moment? Please consider casting your next vote for baby president. With their mom as their Secret Service Agent, this president will think twice before trying to sneak out of the White House for a round of golf. “President” company aside, who wouldn’t want to sign a peace treaty if this adorable little bundle of joy was leading negotiations.


If your child is still in a baby carrier we highly recommend giving this Halloween costume a try. Just don’t get Halloween wasted with your baby strapped to your stomach, please and thank you.

A Formal Apology

We mentioned early that we love a good play-on-words Halloween costume and this guy knocked it right out of the ballpark. He dressed up in his most formal attire and wrote the word “sorry” on his tie. He is officially the living embodiment of a “formal apology.”

We have to question if he really owes someone an apology or if he just had a feeling that he was going to make some bad Halloween party decisions the later he stayed out of October 31. Either way, we accept his formal apology and we hope everyone he wrongs that night will as well.

The Headless Horseman

For the last 30 years, the Headless Horseman has made an appearance in Anniston, Alabama. Although the man behind the costume has never revealed his true identity, historian Clayton Angell told reporters that there have been three different riders over the last three decades.

There have also been six different trusty steeds who the Headless Horseman rides on through the streets! Despite not having a head, the Headless Horseman still speaks to anyone who talks to him. He also loves to ask trick or treaters if they have seen his head anywhere.

Trophy Wife And Her Kids

This creative costume gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “trophy wife”! Sure, these costumes may not be the most practical when it comes to moving around, but we still think this crafty mother of three won Halloween with her family’s group costume.

Covered with gold paint from head to toe while standing on a name-plated platform, the matriarch of this family looks like a total trophy. Wanting to get in on the fun, her three daughters followed suit and donned similar costumes, each with their own unique poses of course. The result? A family of trophy-like stars. This dad must realize how lucky he is!

Pizza Rat Strikes NYC Again!

Ah, pizza rat. If you’re not familiar, Pizza Rat is a literal rodent who became an overnight sensation after it was spotted carrying an entire slice of pizza down the stars of a New York City subway. Since the video was first released in September 2015, Pizza Rat has become an internet star.


But we never even considered donning a Pizza Rat costume for Halloween. We have to give it to this girl though—we’re kind of envious we didn’t think of this ourselves. After all, this costume is totally simple to put together and you get to eat pizza all night. Win-win!

Office Assistant Comes To Life

If you’ve used Microsoft Word sometime between 1998 and 2004, you’re likely familiar with Clippit, the (lovable?) paper clip who was supposed to help guide users through the program. Clippit would usually pop up on your screen and say something like, “It looks like you’re writing a letter.


Would you like help?” If you’re like most Word users, you probably were slightly annoyed and immediately clicked “Don’t show me this tip again.” Spoiler alert—you probably did see this tip again at some point anyway. While Clippit may have been a well-intended nuisance, this girl’s Clippit costume is totally awesome.

This Family Wants S’more

We love this costume for a few reasons. For starters, we can’t resist a clever costume that incorporates the whole family (bonus point because the wagon is dressed up too!). Second, these parent’s spent less than $20 on all of their costumes combined.


If you look closely, their oldest child is the only one who is actually wearing a store-bought costume. To compliment their Hershey bar, Mom and Dad got creative and used leftover cardboard. Meanwhile, their baby is simply wearing a white onesie, with a little extra around the middle.

Mother Of Pearl

Dressing up for Halloween when you’re almost nine months pregnant is no easy feat. We’ve seen a ton of creative Halloween costumes that include a mom-to-be’s beautiful bump, but this has to be one of the best.


This woman got into character and decided the best way to await her new addition was to be a “Mother of Pearl” for the holiday—and she totally nailed it! If you look closely inside her shell, the “pearl” is actually her pregnant belly. We wonder how she made the shells though because they look totally convincing!

Holy Guacamole!

We love a good play on words, and this girl’s creative costume takes the cake. Or should we say takes the guac? When this blogger set out to show her readers how they can throw together a cute and creative Halloween costume, she transformed herself into this. You don’t have to be a guacamole lover to be familiar with the phrase “holy guacamole.”

A simple green dress, a black fabric marker, angel wings, and a halo from the costume store are all that’s needed to pull off one of the most creative get-ups we’ve seen yet!

They Solemnly Swear They Are Up To No Good

Since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone debuted in 1997, thousands of people have dressed up as one of the series’ characters each year. But we have to give credit where credit is due when we see a truly awesome costume.


This dad was looking for a cute and creative costume he could get all three of his kids to be a part of for Halloween. Being a Harry Potter fan, the choice was simple—and so, Dad donned a convincing Hagrid costume while his kids make the perfect wizardly trio of Ron, Harry, and Hermoine!

Florence And The (Washing) Machine

Florence and the Machine fans will love this creative costume. If you aren’t familiar, Florence and the Machine is an English indie rock band that features lead singer Florence Welch, keyboardist Isabella Summers, alongside a collaboration of other artists. The group gained popularity with their hit song “Dog Days Are Over” which was used in the trailer for the 2010 drama Eat, Pray, Love.

We’re not sure if this duo planned their costumes together or not. We sort of like to imagine them meeting unexpectedly at a party only to realize how comedic their costumes are together.

Hans Solo Cup

This costume has to be one of our favorites. Since the original Star Wars film hit theaters in 1977, Star Wars has been one of the most popular choices for Halloween costumes every single year.

It’s no surprise that Star Wars has left a lasting impression on pop culture history as a whole, but we have to admit, seeing the same Star Wars costumes each year gets a little boring. This woman recognized that but still wanted to pay tribute to her favorite movie. The result? Hans Solo meets Solo Cup. Brilliant.

Snapchat Filters Come To Life

In September 2015, everyone’s favorite app introduced a new set of magical filters. These new filters let us do a bunch of cool things, like don cat ears and heart eyes, and of course—puke rainbows from our mouths. Who doesn’t want to puke rainbows? These new filters were used by millions of Snapchat lovers everywhere and became an immediate Internet sensation.

That’s why we absolutely love these simple yet creative Halloween costumes which are a fun take on the Snapchat filters. All you need is a simple outfit, some face paint, and about 10 minutes of your time!

Can’t Touch This

In 2017, cacti and succulents had a moment. The drought-resistant plants showed up in nearly every trendy bloggers Instagram posts. So it’s only natural that we see a couple of cactus Halloween costumes this year—and they truly don’t disappoint! This woman’s costume is cute, creative, and best of all takes just a short while to put together.

All you need is a green dress of your choosing, some yarn, scissors, and a hot glue gun and you’re on your way to a clever costume. We love how she added a fitting lyric from MC Hammer’s popular hit!

Umbrella Bat

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, you can take the easy way out and buy a premade costume, or you can get down and dirty and flex those creative muscles. This woman did the latter. Dressing up as a bat for Halloween seems easy enough, right? All you have to do is dress in all black and find some cute little ears.

But what about the wings? Rather than buy a set of wings from a costume shop, this woman had the brilliant idea to fashion her own wings out of an old umbrella. This is truly a brilliant idea since the umbrella already mimics a bat’s wings.

Daenerys Targaryen, The Queen

Games of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows ever. So seeing a character from the hit series isn’t all that surprising. But a closer look at this woman’s costume and you’ll fall in love with her creativity.

Reddit user SheHappens fell three stories from a hotel balcony in April 2016. The fall left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. She’s had to adjust to life as a girl in her early twenties who is also unable to walk. Rather than let this get her down, she’s kept a positive attitude and even incorporated her wheelchair into her Daenerys Targaryen costume. Now, instead of a regular wheelchair, she’s sitting on the throne. A true queen.

Grumpy Cat Has Some Competition

When Grumpy Cat made her debut on the web, she became an Internet sensation almost overnight. The mixed-breed cat is known for her permanent “grumpy” face, which isn’t caused by actual emotions, but rather an underbite and feline dwarfism. When her owner posted a snapshot of her to his Reddit account, she became a cat celeb and the rest is history.

Today, Grumpy Cat is worth over $1 million and is impersonated by Halloween-ers everywhere. We have to give it to this woman though. She totally nailed the makeup and signature Grumpy Cat expression!

1 + 2 = 3

As we’ve said, we can’t help but obsess over a good Harry Potter costume, and this is one of the absolute best. Not only does this little kid make an adorable Harry Potter, but incorporating the family pup into the mix takes it to the next level.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed dog that guards the underworld. In order to get past the beast, music has to be played to get him to fall asleep. This is portrayed in the Harry Potter series as Hagrid once owned a three-headed dog named Fluffy, who he got from a Greek man at a pub. Harry Potter fan or not, anyone can appreciate how creative this costume is. The three-headed dog is pretty convincing!

Can You Figure Out These Punny Costumes?

We love the ’80s and we love a good pun, so these costumes take the cake. Can you guess which ’80s bands these Halloween costumes represent? Ok, we’ll spill. The guy on the right is donning a pretty sweet-looking watermelon costume. His accessories?

A pair of sunglasses and a walking stick. He’s none other than the rock band Blind Melon—you know, the group who had the great one-hit-wonder “No Rain.” His date, on the other hand, she’s Alice In Chains, the alternative band who was part of the grunge movement alongside Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Peter Pan’s Shadow

We’ve seen a lot of Peter Pan costumes, but none quite like this. If you recall from the Disney film, Peter Pan visits the Darling household to listen to stories. But when the family dog starts barking he has to escape through the window. His shadow, however, is captured.

Wendy later discovers his shadow and puts it in her drawer to prevent the shadow from getting in trouble. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell later return to the Darling house to retrieve the shadow and the adventure ensues.

Baby Carrot

There is a lot to love about this creative costume. First of all, it’s downright adorable. Just look at the sweet, slumbering baby’s face! Second, it’s practical. Let’s face it—a newborn likely does not want to be paraded around town in an uncomfortable costume.

A baby has few missions in life and they are limited to eating, sleeping, and um, pooping. So this costume gets extra points because, while it is a costume, it’s also a comfy blanket that this little guy can go undisturbed in. We want one for ourselves.

They Just Need A Magic Carpet

Just like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, you’re bound to see a few dozen Disney costumes each year around Halloween. But there are some costumes that stick out more than others. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the adorable family who dressed up as characters from Aladdin for Halloween.

While Dad sports an impressive Aladdin costume, Mom looks amazing as Jasmine. We can’t forget their sweet son who looks totally cute in his Abu the monkey suit! Now all they need is a genie and a magic carpet.

This Guy Cut Himself In Half For Halloween

We’ve seen ingenious electronics and technology hacks for Halloween costumes and there has been a good number of costumes that just required some creative thinking. This guys costume is the first to focus on an amazing illusion. This is actually one of the easier magic tricks to pull off if you know anything about tricking the human eye.

Either way, this guy gets to freak out a bunch of people for one magical day. The best part about this costume? You just need some scissors, a pair of pants, and a dress shirt and you can pull off a similar look. We’ll leave you to figure out the rest. Sorry.


When Starbucks announced it was releasing a new frappuccino in April 2017, it was unlike any beverage the coffee retailers had dished out before. The drink, which had a dusting of pink powder, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle, vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping was wildly popular during its limited release.

While from a marketing standpoint, the Unicorn Frappuccino was genius—tired Starbucks baristas everywhere were over it! This creative Halloween costume shows a zombie-like barista donning her Unicorn-Frap-soaked apron all while looking a little more than defeated.

Crazy Cat Lady

Ah, the crazy cat lady. You might have one in your neighborhood—or maybe, just maybe, you’re the crazy cat lady! Not that there’s anything wrong with being a crazy cat lady. After all, cats are adorable and life is a more fun when you’re a little crazy. Either way, we love this costume for lots of reasons.

Not only does this costume win big creativity points for the overall idea, but it’s executed perfectly. The pink robe, the strategically-placed stuffed animals, the bed head…we couldn’t have done a better job ourselves. The only thing that makes this costume picture perfect is that it’s being worn by an adorable little girl.

This Costume Is An 11/10

Alright, alright—our listen would not be complete without at least one Stranger Things costume (or two…keep reading!). Since its release in August 2016, Stranger Things has become a cult classic that will be watched again and again for generations to come.

In Halloween of 2016, we saw so many awesome Stranger Things costumes. Fans everywhere couldn’t wait to show their appreciation for the show by dressing up as Eleven and the rest of the cast. Halloween 2017 wasn’t much different, especially since Stranger Things 2 was released just four days before Halloween. But honestly, have you seen a better Eleven costume than this?! We totally have to give it up to this fan for not being afraid to put on a pink dress…although we’re not so sure Eleven wore size-14 Jordans!

French KISS

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we love a good pun and this group of friends nailed it when they devised this insanely creative Halloween costume. Sure, you could be a French man or woman for Halloween and don your best black and white striped shirt, a beret, and glass of wine.

You could also gather your friends and slather on thick black and white makeup to impersonate legendary rock band KISS. Or, you could combine the two costumes for the ultimate, creative and oh-so-punny costume: French KISS.

Hello Clarice

We love seeing someone put a fresh spin on a costume that has been done a thousand times already. Since The Silence of the Lambs hit theaters in 1991, fans from all over the world have dressed up as the crazed killer Hannibal Lecter each year for Halloween. While most people take the (somewhat) easy route, dressing in a straight jacket and face mask, this guy took it to the next level.

In an attempt to recreate the iconic scene where Hannibal Lecter is wheeled out when he meets Clarice, this guy fashioned a fake torso on top of a gurney so it would look like he was actually being wheeled around.

The Headless Bride

Costumes that play a trick on the eyes gets an A+ in our book. We look at this and immediately start wondering how she made this…so we just had to do a little research.

According to Instructable, you, too, can fashion your very own Headless Bride Halloween costume with a wedding dress from the thrift store, an underskirt, a used t-shirt, a small backpack, white gloves, masking tape, scissors, glue, metal wire, and lots and lots of duct tape. We’ll leave the rest of the research up to you, but let this girl’s creative costume serve as inspiration for you for next Halloween!

Walter White Times Two

Like we said earlier, we love when people put a creative twist on a popular costume. When Breaking Bad came to AMC in 2008, it became one of the most-watched shows of the time. Fans everywhere couldn’t wait to tune in to see what crazy situations high-school-teacher-turned-meth-manufacturer, Walter White, would find himself in next.


With a loyal following, it’s no surprise we see tons of Walter Whites during Halloween. But this fan took his Walter White costume to the next level when he dressed up as two different Walter Whites at the same time!

You’ll Float Too

Since Stephen King released his iconic novel It in 1986, fans of the creepy storyline have dressed up as the killer clown each year for Halloween. But when the novel was adapted into a screenplay and released in theaters in September 2017, It soared in popularity once again. Halloween 2017 saw a ton of people dressed as Pennywise, the terrifying clown from the novel-turned-movie.

But while the streets may have been filled with crazy, killer clowns, not everyone opted to be Pennywise. The guys in the photo above took a creative approach to show their love of It. While one friend dressed as Georgie, this other dressed as the toy boat he loses down the sewer.

Cardboard Cuties

Some of the most creative costumes come out of sheer resourcefulness. Take for example this cool couple, who chose to be Mr. and Mrs. Pacman for Halloween. Rather than buy a set of premade costumes at the store, they got out their craft supplies and fashioned their costumes themselves…and the result is awesome!


It looks like they carefully crafted the Pacman bodies out of cardboard, which they painted yellow with the appropriate black and red accents. Not only are these costumes super creative, but they’re not overly cheesy for a couple either!

The Royal Baby

This is yet another simple but oh-so-creative costume we saw this year. Who would have thought to be the royal baby?! This costume scores huge points from us for lots of reasons. For one thing, it’s super inexpensive and easy to throw together.


All this guy had to do is grab an outfit from his closet. the addition of a baby carrier and a cut out of Prince William’s face ties it all together for probably under $20. To make this costume even better, we love that he posed for this photo with his beer!

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

We’ve seen a ton of Toy Story costumes over the years. People just love to dress up as Woody or Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. And we can’t blame them. After all, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are one of the greatest duos in animated movie history. But we have got to give it up for these pals and their creative costume.

Rather than picking the obvious choice of character to portray these BFFs decided to be the Slinky Dog from Toy Story. This creative get up was pieced together using cardboard, paint, and a little time.

You May Now Enter The Upside Down

You didn’t think we could include just one Stranger Things costume, did you?! As we’ve mentioned a few times, we love seeing a unique take on a popular costume, and this duo did a great job paying homage to the Netflix series in an offbeat way.

In Stranger Things, Joyce Byers goes to great lengths to find her son, Will, after he disappears. Believing she can communicate with him via the walls in her home, she strings together thousands of lights over the alphabet in hopes it will spell out a message from Will. We love that this pair dressed up as Joyce and the actual wall instead of one of the other characters. Bonus points to the dude for finding the perfect wallpaper-esque shirt!

The Sims Comes To Life

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are you spent countless hours playing The Sims on your parent’s computer. With The Sims, users could create characters, build them dream homes, and have them participate in a slew of other fun activities made possible with a handful of expansion packs. Sims were just like us. They had to eat, sleep, and work in order to live.

This also meant Sims had to keep proper hygiene by showering. Being a children’s game, Sims were never nude and as soon as they showered their bodies were censored by flesh-colored squares. Inspired by the game, these three besties dressed as showering Sims, complete with loofahs and all.

Bacon, Kevin Bacon

This hilarious costume is so simple it’s genius! Anyone can buy a bacon costume from the store, so this girl wanted to make sure her costume was easy to make but still different from everyone else. Her solution? She simply added a stick-on name tag that says Kevin to her costume, and bam—she’s is magically transformed into actor Kevin Bacon.


Sure, she could have been Kevin Bacon in Footloose, but why not being Kevin Bacon, the delicious meat snack? Honestly, we’re just a little mad we didn’t think of this costume idea first. Oh well, there’s always next year!

The Birds!

Movie buffs will definitely appreciate this costume that is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. If you haven’t seen the 1963 black and white film, here’s the gist. The horror-thriller focuses on a series of sudden and unexplained violent bird attacks on the citizens living in Bodega Bay, California.


The woman dressed as Tippi Hedren of the movie as she is mid-bird attack! Not only is this costume creative, it’s also super easy to make. All you need in an old dress, a blonde wig done up in a 1960’s hairstyle, and some fake blackbirds, which you can pick up at the dollar store.

It’s A Little Windy Today

Between the blown-out umbrella and the crumpled newspaper on this man’s kneecap, we totally thought he was actually outside for a minute. But don’t let his creativity confuse you! It’s just his Halloween costume. This costume is awesome because, like many of the others on our list, it doesn’t require a crazy amount of work to garner really cool results.


All you have to do is dress in your normal clothes, attach some crumpled newspaper to your jean, dishevel your hair, and add the umbrella and you have that perfect windblown look.

A Work Of Art

Art lovers will go crazy over this guy’s creative Halloween get up. With a little time and painting skills, he transformed himself into a living version of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting The Starry Night. To make this costume even better, the man bears a striking resemblance to Van Gogh himself.


He slicked back his hair and painting his beard red too, which only makes him look even more like the 1800s painter. You don’t have to an art lover to appreciate about creative this costume is.

Jon Snow White

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series ever. So it’s only natural that we’ve seen our fair share of GoT characters and maybe ever a dragon costume or two the last few Halloweens—one of the most popular costumes being Jon Snow.


While we’ve seen our fair share of impressive Jon Snow costumes, we have got to give it to this guy for taking it to the next level. He has the signature disheveled hair and beard that Jon Snow sports, but look under his cloak and you’ll see he’s wearing a full Snow White gown. Everyone, meet Jon Snow White.

Not A Cereal Killer

Over the years we have seen a ton of “cereal killer” costumes during Halloween. Sure, the idea is funny, but we like this wholesome cereal costume more. How many times have you seen someone dressed as a bowl of cereal during a Halloween party or while our trick or treating?!


This costume is super cute and looks like it took some ingenious engineering to put together. We’re guessing the bowl and cereal puffs are masterfully crafted out of paper mache, but we’re just not sure. Either way, this creative costume gets our vote.

A Contestant On Squid Game

Nothing says sooky quite like the dystopian world in Squid Game. So, why not personify one of your favorite characters on the popular Netflix series this season?


All it takes is a t-shirt and a green jumpsuit to complete the look. Add a number to the front of the jack, and you’ll be playing “Honeycomb” with Halloween candy shapes in no time!

A Guard On Squid Game

What is creepier than a person wearing a fencing mask with a game controller shape on the front of it? Answer: not much.


For those who do not really like to show their face on Halloween, dressing as one of the terrifying guards from Squid Game is not a bad option, especially since the costume only requires that mask, a red jumpsuit, black gloves, and black boots.