This Couple Turned A Military Truck Into A Dream Tiny House

Some married couples dream of one day owning a big house with a yard. For Kourtney and Trevor, living their ultimate life meant traveling wherever they pleased without having to leave home. That’s why they chose to impulsively purchase an old military truck and make it into a tiny home.

Kourtney admits on their Instagram page that she didn’t think they’d actually do it at first. But now that they have, their lives have changed forever. Read on to see how this loving couple transformed their world with just $37,000 and a lot of hard work.

Meet Kourtney And Trevor

Trevor and Kourtney sit in headsets in the cabin of their military truck.
Barcroft Cars/Youtube
Barcroft Cars/Youtube

This is Kourtney, Trevor, and one of their two dogs, a Doberman named Duke. In case you couldn’t tell from their headsets, they aren’t driving a typical vehicle. They’re operating a Stewart and Stevenson M1078, a military truck.

Most couples wouldn’t dream of committing to a massive truck with the power to roll over cars, drive through water, carry the weight of a home, and so much more. For this couple, however, that’s exactly what they needed.