Wirginia Szmyt Is An 80-Year-Old DJ From Poland

DJ Wika
Karol Serewis /Getty Images Poland/Getty Images
Karol Serewis /Getty Images Poland/Getty Images

It’s not uncommon to see DJ Wirginia Szmyt, or “DJ Wika,” up on stage grooving to her own party music mixes in the clubs of Warsaw, Poland. While other elderly women might opt for a typical retired lifestyle, Szmyt spends her time perfecting her craft and playing for the senior citizens of Warsaw.

She’s not a reserved DJ by any means and is known for her constant movement while on stage, pumping up the crowd and keeping the party going. She can’t be tamed either, stating that “I don’t care if someone likes it or not that I am dancing or jumping behind the console, because I cannot play and stay still […] When I play, I feel the melody, I feel the rhythm.”

On Monday nights, you can catch her at the Hula Kula club where she plays for around 1,000 people, serenading the audience with a variety of music, something she has been doing for the past two decades.

Her philosophy of life is simple. “I used to work with young people and I kept this youthful outlook and youthful expectations … My message to youths is that your life does not end when you are 70.”

A self-trained DJ, Szmyt has made quite the name for herself in clubbing scene, with people coming from all over to watch her behind the table, doing what she does best.