Woman’s Dog Abandoned By Her Ex And Rescued Over 1,000 Miles Away

Whether it’s a late-night vet visit or spending overtime pay on a new toy, dog lovers will do almost anything for their pets. Most would even drive 1,000 miles for their dog. Unfortunately, single mom Ikea Mosley couldn’t drive that far. Her beloved dog had been abandoned seven states away by her disgruntled ex-boyfriend.

In an act of pure selflessness, a Humane Society and former animal control agent sacrificed their time and money to return Ikea’s dog. Learn about the inspiring journey that has internet dog lovers crying tears of joy.

A Mother-Dog Pair

Ikea Mosley and her pitbull, Zimba
Facebook/Caroline Country Humane Society
Facebook/Caroline Country Humane Society

In 2017, Ikea Mosley lived with her children and eight-year-old pit bull, Zimba. She worked full-time while taking care of both her kids and her dog in Wichita, Kansas. She adored both her dog and her children with all her heart.

Ikea also had a boyfriend at the time. All went well until her boyfriend’s road trip to the east coast damaged her life and her relationships.