J. Lo And A-Rod Bought (Then Sold) This Stunning $17.5 Million NYC Penthouse

Towering above Midtown Manhattan is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere: 432 Park Avenue. It’s no surprise that super-celeb Jennifer Lopez and baseball star Alex Rodriguez decided to move their family into the sky-high residence. What is surprising is that they moved out less than a year later. Reportedly, the 4,000 square foot home was just too small for their family of six. Read on to see the stylish interior design, panoramic views, and luxurious amenities the power couple decided they needed an upgrade from.

The Power Couple’s Hometown

Both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were born in New York City. J. Lo was from the Bronx, and A-Rod lived in Manhattan until his parents moved them to the Dominican Republic and later Miami, Florida.

The tall and thin skyscraper stands on its own in the middle of Manhattan.

Both have since risen to fame and fortune, so when they returned to their hometown, they did so in style. The couple moved their family into the 1,396-foot residential tower at 432 Park Avenue. Overlooking the entire city of New York, the couple could practically point out their birthplaces from the penthouse.

You Have Arrived

This building takes curb appeal to a whole new level. Rather than asphalt, vehicles arrive on marble flooring. Above is a crystal-clear glass awning with dazzling light strips. Glass doors line the entrance of the lobby, where a doorman and concierge await your arrival 24/7.

A doorman assists the driver of a luxury vehicle as they pull up to the building's entrance.

Windows the size of doors show off the lobby’s tall ceilings complete with delicate recessed lighting. Espresso-colored window and door frames offer drama and depth to the building’s clean, neutral color.

A Massive Lobby

From the moment you enter the building, it’s clear that this is far from a bed and breakfast. The lobby has a minimalist design that resembles that of an upscale bank. A fogged partition frames the front desk and creates a separation of space.

Two receptionists sit behind the front desk of a giant lobby.

Beyond is a seating area alongside giant windows and ceiling-to-floor, sheer curtains that add a whimsical touch to the no-nonsense room. A wooden wall breaks up the dramatic black slate adorning the rest of the room and picks up on the warmth of the stone floors.

Going Up?

Beyond the lobby is this separate elevator bank. The light floors of the lobby transition into black tiled floors with a naturalistic, cream-colored pattern. An all-black, circular table sits in the middle of the space and is topped with a stylish bouquet.

Off the lobby is an elevator room.

Recessed lighting shines a spotlight on the area, which is partially separated from the lobby by fogged panels that flank the entryway. The symmetrical design both lures you into the space and welcomes you home.

A Private Elevator

One thing that sets this penthouse apart from a usual residence is its private elevator. The room’s slick black walls make the wooden floors and bronze chairs pop. Above, a tray-ceiling and modern light fixture give the illusion of a skylight and illuminate the glossy walls.

A private elevator room features a small seating area.

When living in a high-rise building, you don’t typically get the advantage of having a large entryway. This space acts as a foyer of sorts, setting the tone for the rest of the home.

The Home’s Entrance

Upon entering through the home’s front door, you’re immediately faced with wall art and a narrow entryway table. Another distinguishing characteristic of this upscale home is its 12-and-a-half-foot ceilings, which help to prevent the hallway from feeling cramped.

The frontdoor opens to a hallway.

The smooth, off-white walls and simple design also work to keep the space feeling airy. The pattern of the golden-honey wooden floors seems to direct the eye toward the large window to the left of the front door. The hallway also extends in the opposite direction, where we’ll find the bedrooms.

An Elegant Powder Room

Across from the front entrance and just down the hall to the right is this gorgeous powder room. The half-bath is ideal for any guest, offering ample privacy by being located on the opposite end of the home from the common areas.

A black and white photo hangs in a marbel bathroom.

The museum-like room is practically covered in gray and white marble. A sheetrock panel provides space to hang an elegant photo or two. The tankless toilet has stainless steel buttons built into the wall, proving that even the most basic features can be made luxurious.

A Polished Private Bathroom

The hallway has a sharp, right turn past the powder room that leads to this private bathroom, which is attached to the first of three bedrooms. The all-white bathroom looks clean and sleek, featuring a floating vanity and a backlit mirror.

A white bathroom features a shower stall.

The marble shower stall features a modern drain and two shower heads, one of which is handheld. The glass door completes the bathroom’s clean look while the textured, sand-colored floors prevent the room from feeling too bland.

A Children’s Room With Skyscraper Views

The first bedroom features hardwood floors and a giant, unobstructed window with views of the city. The double-tray feature above the window enlivens the room’s architecture and is embellished by the ceiling-to-floor curtains.

A children's room overlooks city views.

A modern light with a matte, black shade hangs from the ceiling and is a stark contrast to the white walls and curtains. Industrial-style bunk beds make the most of the shared space and leave room for a bean-bag loveseat and area rug.

A Nearly Identical Second Bathroom

At first glance, this bathroom looks practically identical to the first private bathroom we saw. Both have the same toilet, floating vanity, backlit mirror, and dual showerheads. They are even facing the same direction!

A white bathroom leads to the next bedroom.

The one thing that gives away the two bathrooms being separate is that this one has a bathtub, whereas the other one had a shower stall. Being that J. Lo and A-Rod both have two children from previous marriages, we can imagine there was a bit of fighting over which pair of kids shared which bathroom.

An Airy Room To Share

While the other bedroom had a closet along one of its walls, this room’s closet is in the hallway opposite the attached bathroom. Though both bedrooms are comparable in size, this one has more functional space, enabling more furniture to comfortably fit.

A bedroom has three floral beds.

The light fixture hanging from the ceiling has a honey-comb design that suits the floral bedding. Floating shelves reinforced with bronze arms are a less boxy alternative to a bookcase or dresser that prevents the room from feeling cluttered.

A Cozy Master Bedroom

This may not be the kind of master bedroom you’d imagine in a multi-million dollar home, but we must remember that the bigger the city, the smaller the homes tend to be. What the space lacks in size it makes up for with the grandiose windows of the corner room.

The master bedroom is relatively small.

The shag rug makes the room feel cozy and matches the color of the sheer drapes. The wooden nightstand picks up on the wood floors and adds a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise neutral room.

A Bedroom Hallway

If the master bedroom seemed a little undramatic, this feature should rack up a few brownie points. A sliding door off the master reveals this exclusive hallway. The glossy, white doors with long, sleek handles open up to closets on either side.

A thin hallway is lined with closets and bathrooms and leads to the media room.

To the left are also his-and-her bathrooms that each have their own toilet, shower, and vanity. If that weren’t enough, down at the end of the hall is a bonus room.

The First Master Bathroom

When walking down the master hallway, to the right is first a closet followed by this master bathroom. Given the room’s massive size, it’s hard to believe that this is one of two master bathrooms!

A large, square-shaped master bathroom looks out to the city.

A giant fogged window provides privacy while giving the illusion that the room is still steamy from a hot shower. Lining one side of the space is a large vanity with ample storage. Across the way is a glass shower stall next to the toilet.

The Second Master Bathroom

Just past the first master bathroom is the second master bathroom. The rooms are mirror images of one another with both vanities on either side of a shared wall. While the bathrooms are almost identical, there are a few key differences.

A second master bathroom features a tub.

This bathroom’s shower is larger than the other as it doesn’t share a wall with the toilet, which is positioned next to the door so that it faces the window. This one also features a stand-alone porcelain tub.

A Spacious Bonus Room

At the end of the master hallway is this bonus room that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is staged here as a media room where the family can get together and watch a movie.

A bonus room is lined with shelves.

The room has two access points: one from the master hallway and the other from the main entrance hallway. It would make for an excellent office, studio, playroom, library, nursery, or any other purpose one might need it for.

An Open-Concept Living And Dining Room

To the left of the home’s main entrance is this large room that serves as both a living and a dining space. At nearly 30 feet wide and long, the square area feels far from cramped and features enormous windows along two of its corner walls.

A large space acts as a shared living and dining room.

The dark drapes contrast with the white walls and add depth to the room. A large area rug designates the living room space while a modern chandelier more clearly defines the dining area.

Space For Everyone

The windows straight ahead are fogged for ample privacy, while the ones to the left are clear since they are spaced out further from the buildings across the way. This offers the room plenty of natural light and a touch of variety.

The living room has black, creme, and blue furniture.

The area is wonderful for people who like to entertain since it provides plenty of seating and an inclusive setting. Whether someone is sitting in the swinging chair to the far left, at the desk to the far right, or at the dining room table, everyone can see one another and participate in the conversation.

A Massive Kitchen

Unlike the dining room and living room, the kitchen is completely separate with doors on either side of the wall that it shares with the dining room. The massive space is flooded with natural light and features breathtaking city views.

A huge kitchen is separate from the rest of the house.

Glossy white cabinets offer plenty of storage space and stand out against the stainless steel backdrop. A wooden island takes advantage of the room’s spacious square footage and brings color into the predominately gray and white kitchen.

Breathtaking City Views

While standing at the kitchen window, this would be the view before you. One of the impressive things about the building is that it is positioned far enough away from many of the surrounding skyscrapers that you don’t feel as though you’re looking into someone’s room and vise versa.

The view out the kitchen window shows trees and buildings.

In addition to views of distant buildings, you also get to look out at an expanse of lush trees belonging to Central Park, which is located just down the street.

A Classy Billiards Room

If the 4,000 square foot penthouse wasn’t enough to suit all of your hosting needs, you can always reserve the building’s billiard room and library. The entertainment space features a pool table, plenty of place to lounge, and shelves full of books curated by the local Assouline Publishing.

A room features a pool table.

Whether you’re looking to get out of the house but don’t want to go far, are looking to host a game night, or simply would like a quiet space to read, this amenity is a definite perk.

A Screening Room

The building also offers a screening room that has three rows of tiered seating and features plush, violet chairs. Though the private theater only seats 18, it would be ideal for small-scale screenings.

A screening room looks like a miniature theater.

The room offers a secluded spot to watch televised sports events or films on a large screen, something that both A-Rod and J. Lo may appreciate to avoid fans and paparazzi. The space can also be used for private lectures and recitals.

A Well-Equipped Gym

Another amenity we can expect that A-Rod and J. Lo would have appreciated while living here is the private gym room. Available exclusively to residents, the space is equipped with weights, cardio machines, and cable machines.

A long gym features an array of equipment.

What sets it apart from any other gym, though, is its team of trainers. The staff at this residence are educated in both fitness and hospitality. Having experience in both fields helps to ensure a five-star quality service, even at the gym.

A Seemingly Endless Pool

At 75-feet long, the residential pool would be quite the challenge to swim laps in. The rectangular room further embellishes its length while fogged windows flood the room with muted light. The pool area sits 186 feet above ground to provide city views while you enjoy the water.

A long pool is surrounded by windows.

Professional training sessions are offered one-on-one and in groups, making it a great place to learn the art of aquatic exercise. After a swimming lesson, you can make your way to a nearby sauna before heading back to your penthouse.

On-Site Massage Therapy

For those days that residents need a deep relaxation session, there are on-site massage therapy rooms. You can schedule a massage with an expert without even having to leave home! The rooms have floor-to-ceiling fogged windows for privacy and natural light.


The decor also features a neutral color scheme that promotes relaxation and is designed with earthy materials such as stone floors, marble walls, and wooden ceilings. Whether you’re sore from a tough training session or just feeling stressed, a good massage can make a huge difference.

Walking Distance To Central Park

We mentioned before that the building overlooks Central Park, but this map showcases just how close the building is to the famous park. The building also overlooks the East River, so some units likely have a view of the water.


Nearby are Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, Hell’s Kitchen, The Empire State Building, and more! Being so centrally located is a huge convenience in a densely-populated city like New York, especially when you’re as famous as A-Rod and J. Lo.

The Power Couple

Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen are quite a power couple. Brady is a star quarterback for the New England Patriots and has endorsed brands including Uggs, Movado, and Glaceau Smartwater, earning about $7 million a year in endorsements alone. He also launched his own line of vegan snacks, TB12, in 2016.

John Shearer/Getty Images for THR
John Shearer/Getty Images for THR

Brady began dating Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen in 2006, and the couple married in 2009. In 2014, Gisele was listed as the 89th Most Powerful Woman in the World after achieving international success in modeling. She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel for seven years, took on bit acting roles, and has partnered with several companies for her own fashion lines. She’s also an involved philanthropist and environmentalist. No wonder this power couple can afford their stunning New York apartment.

The Stunning Bedroom View

Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s $14 million condo in New York City is located on the 47th floor of the famed One Madison building in Manhattan, just a few floors below the building’s three-floor $50 million penthouse. It’s no wonder they have such an incredible skyline view.


The interiors of One Madison were overseen by Yabu Pushelberg, a renowned New York and Toronto based interior design firm whose stylish and modern interiors grace the Las Alcobas hotel in Mexico City and the Caroline Herrera store in New York City. The amazing views in Tom and Gisele’s apartment don’t stop there.

Bright Lights, Big City

It must be difficult to watch television at night with the incredible backdrop of a lit-up Manhattan surrounding you. Floor to ceiling windows are found throughout the three-bedroom condo, and make the most of that amazing 47th floor view. We’re guessing Tom and Gisele aren’t afraid of heights.


Their $14 million digs aren’t the couple’s first foray into the world of Manhattan real estate. Tom Brady previously owned a condo at the Time Warner Center, which he sold for a cool $17.5 million, and Gisele Bündchen owned a triplex penthouse on West 11th Street, which she sold for $4.4 million.

The Modern Sitting Room

There isn’t a single room in Gisele and Tom’s One Madison apartment that doesn’t have a stunning view. Their modern sitting room’s neutral color palate lets that view take center stage. There’s plenty of room in this $14 million pad for their two children to run and play.


The corner sitting room has north and east views, and an open floor plan to take advantage of all that natural light. The condo was originally listed at $16.5 million, though we can hardly call a $14 million home a steal. Of course, the dining area and kitchens are a major selling point for this power couple’s cool condo.

The Dining Area

The One Madison condo’s dining area is no less stunning than the rest of the apartment. A sculptural, modern lamp hangs over a family dining table looking out onto the city. Though they settled on this incredible apartment, they were also considering some other options.


Tom and Gisele were checking out a 2,800-square-foot $11.5 million duplex with a 400-square-foot terrace in the Walker Tower luxury development at 212 West 18th Street before settling on their residence at One Madison in the summer of 2013. The dining area isn’t the only family friendly space in this apartment. Just wait until you see the children’s room.

An Incredible Children’s Room

Can you imagine the life of Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen’s kids? The couple has a daughter, Vivian Lake Brady, born in 2012, and a son, Benjamin Brady, born in 2009—and those kids have the most incredible children’s rooms ever. Brady also has another son, Jack, who he shares with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.


Like every other space in the apartment, the children’s rooms have floor to ceiling windows that look out over Manhattan. This isn’t the only place the Brady children rest their heads. The family splits their time between New York and a 14,000-square foot mansion in Boston’s exclusive Brookline suburb. The couple also owned a newly constructed $20 million home in Los Angeles with a castle-like play area for the kids and a moat but sold it to Dr. Dre.

An Open Floorplan

One of the things that may have drawn Brady and Bündchen to their $14 million apartment in the Flatiron district is the open floor plan. The main living space connects to an open kitchen and separate dining area, giving the entire apartment a light, open, and airy feeling.


Their New York abode is approximately 3,300-square-feet, which amounts to a staggering $4,242 per square foot. At least the open floor plan makes the most of that space, especially since the Brady bunch have gotten used to their massive Brookline mansion. One of the best features of the apartment is the ability to cook and interact with the family at the same time.

Talk While You Cook

With little children running around, it’s important to be able to see where they’re at even while preparing dinner. It’s likely that the One Madison apartment’s kitchen gets a lot of use, considering Tom and Gisele’s strict diets.


Tom and Gisele say about 80 percent of their diet is vegetarian. The power couple relies on the help of their personal chef Allen Campbell, who believes a plant-based diet has the power to reverse and prevent disease. Even the couple’s kids eat a healthy diet, with the whole family cutting out white sugar, white flour, iodized salt, canola oil, caffeine, and dairy.

A Bright Bathroom

Even the bathroom is beautiful. The Brady clan gets ready in the morning in front of skyline views. Gisele, who has talked about her makeup routine in the past, likes to keep her off-duty look natural and simple by rubbing Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation on her face.


The apartment has two and half baths in total, with the largest off the master bedroom, one attached to a guest bedroom, and a half bath in the hall by the great room.All the bathrooms make use of natural light and clean lines for a modern look.

Clean Lines

There’s no space for clutter in these super modern bathrooms. Marble countertops and floors lend a clean look to the rooms, but it’s not exactly clear where the famous supermodel would store her beauty supplies.


Even though their $14 million apartment is incredible, Brady and Bündchen are already looking to unload the apartment and upgrade to a $20-million 5,000 square foot New York City apartment in Tribeca that’s still being designed by renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern. In the meantime, they’re renting out their One Madison apartment for a whopping $40,000 a month (plus an additional $2,500 for the furniture).

A Marble Tub

If you don’t have $40,000 a month to take a soak in Gisele and Tom’s gorgeous marble tub, at least you can look at pictures of the space. It’s hard to believe their $14 million apartment will go back on the market after just four years, but the duo are moving on to bigger and better real estate, putting their apartment back on the market for $17.25 million.


When One Madison’s luxury condos first hit the market in 2007, the building almost immediately ran into financial woes. Lawsuits plagued the high rise until new management took over, and they were able to attract A-list buyers like Tom and Gisele. So how can this power couple afford to move to an even ritzier pied-a-terre?

Tom Brady’s Net Worth

The New England Patriots quarterback’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $180 million—much more than many quarterbacks thanks to a heavy rotation of endorsements and some smart investments. Tom Brady recently signed a two-year contract with the New England Patriots for $41 million, including a $28 million signing bonus, and an annual average salary of $20.5 million.

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09
New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

Of course, that doesn’t include Brady’s endorsement deals. At $7 million a year, Tom Brady is very near the top in terms of NFL players’ off-field earnings, beat out by Peyton Manning who leads the sport with $12 million a year in endorsements. If you think that’s a lot of money, you won’t believe his wife’s net worth.

Gisele Bündchen’s Net Worth

Since 2004, Gisele Bündchen has been one of the highest-paid models in the world. Modeling, along with several other ventures, has added up to a net worth of $360 million for this 36-year-old Brazilian beauty.


In 2016, Gisele earned an estimated $30.5 million, dwarfing her husband’s earnings despite his many endorsement deals and career success. In addition to landing high paying contracts with brands like Chanel, Bündchen has worked as a television producer, actor, and designer by partnering with high end brands for her own lines. All this adds up to a combined net worth of $540 million for this dynamic power couple.

Their Brookline Mansion

Just a year after selling their massive Los Angeles compound to Dr. Dre, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen settled into their home in Massachusetts. The custom-built home in Chestnut Hill—right next to the Brookline Country Club that was so exclusive it even refused Tom Brady membership—is moat free, unlike their previous abode.


Their $14 million One Madison apartment had 3,300 square feet of space to spread out in, but that’s nothing compared to this sprawling 15-bedroom mansion with 14,000 square feet of space. The Brookline home is just a quick drive away from Boston, where Brady plays for the New England Patriots.

Upgrading to a $20 Million Apartment

As beautiful as their $14 million three-bedroom apartment in the Flatiron district was, supermodel Gisele Bündchen and NFL star Tom Brady have decided to upgrade to an even ritzier New York City pad in Tribeca. The five-bedroom luxury apartment overlooks the Hudson River and is located at 70 Vestry, a luxury Robert A.M. Stern-designed building.


The 14-story building has cycling studios, yoga and Pilates rooms, a squash quart, an 82-foot lap pool, and a sauna and steam room for the Brady bunch to enjoy. Take a peek at what’s going on inside their beautiful new apartment on the next page.

The Pool

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen won’t have to leave their building to go for a swim in their 82-foot lap pool. The 70 Vestry features an incredible spa suite shared by the building’s residents lined with split-face marble, brushed limestone, and Taj Mahal quartzite.


The duo is expected to move out of their One Madison pied-a-terre once construction is complete on their $20 million New York pad in 2018. Then they’ll also be able to enjoy the building’s library and billiards room, while their adorable kids have fun in the children’s playroom designed by Roto. That’s not all their new building has to offer.

Gorgeous Interiors

The 70 Vestry enlisted the help of renowned architect and designer Daniel Romualdez to give their rooms stunning interior design. Romualdez is known for using traditional and natural materials and applying them in distinctly modern ways.


This seems like a great design fit for Tom and Gisele, since the couple clearly loves modern design (as seen in their current One Madison apartment), but Gisele also has a green, natural aesthetic that plays into her environmentalism. The 70 Vestry’s gorgeous views are very different than the One Madison’s views, overlooking the serene Hudson River instead of the bright Manhattan skyline.

Panoramic River Views

While their One Madison apartment boasts unobstructed panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, Gisele and Tom are trading that in for view of the Hudson River. The 70 Vestry apartment features sprawling terraces for the couple to enjoy some time outside.


The NFL star and model will also be able to take the Brady kids out to the Hudson River Park, which will serve as their backyard. While their $14 million apartment was beautiful, their new apartment seems to be more geared toward enjoying family friendly activities while they’re staying in New York. The extra 2,000 square feet gives the children more room to play.

A Grand Entrance

The 70 Vestry has an entrance grand enough to match its immaculately designed apartments and dazzling amenities. Rumor has it that Tom and Gisele chose their new apartment because of the privacy of the porte-cochère entrance, which they can drive into, providing shelter from snooping paparazzi.


Some may be surprised the couple didn’t splurge for the stunning $65 million penthouse, especially considering their combined net worth, but since the pair has been renting out their One Madison apartment since 2014, it’s likely that the couple spends more time in their Brookline mansion close to the New England Patriots than in New York.