This Mom Raised Her Baby On A Strict Diet, And The Results May Surprise You

Shannon Cooper is an Australian health and wellness coach known for her blog, My Food Religion. When she became a first-time mother in 2014, she ostensibly got plenty of advice on how to raise her newborn. But one thing that Cooper was set on from the get-go was a very particular diet that she was going raise her child on – one without any sugar or carbs! Cooper’s decision was quite controversial, even by medical experts’ standards. Still, Cooper made an observation about her daughter in the last few years that has proven all the cynics wrong.

You Know What They Say…

Shannon Cooper loves to learn about food and how our bodies naturally respond to and process whatever goes into them. Cooper has spent many years studying diets and what certain foods do to the body. After all, they say that “you are what you eat.”

Cooper knows this quite well. She believes that food can be fuel for the body or it can be straight-up poison. This notion is something she has carried with her for much of her adult life. It led her to make a decision that would greatly affect her daughter.