Twitter In Meltdown Over Couple Without Assigned Bed Sides

a couple making the bed together

An Irish man named Steve O'Rourke inadvertently sent Twitter into a complete meltdown after he confessed that he and his wife Amy don't have "dedicated" sides of the bed.

In a tweet, the journalist said that he'd been talking to his colleagues and couldn't believe how surprised they were that he and Amy sleep where they choose each night. "Some nights I like to sleep by the window, some nights the door. It's not really that unusual, is it?" he asked.

His Twitter followers were largely horrified, which they conveyed in thousands of comments.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong. Once 'the side' is established there can be no change no delineation, it must be a constant. Home, hotel, doesn't matter," wrote one baffled person.

Another simply said, "My head is broke from this."

O'Rourke felt the need to clarify his household's "cross-sleeping" stance and provided reasons for it. "Feel like I need to point out the following: 1. First one in chooses 2. We've never disagreed over it. 3. We move pillows and books as we move 4. We don't change every single night. 5. Neither of us are aliens."

He added that people don't usually have assigned seats on the couch or dining room table, so why should the bedroom be any different? After all, it's worked for him and Amy for two decades.

More recently, an American named Jeff Stein tweeted that he knows a couple who also sleep wherever they please each night. His followers were just as horrified by the idea as O'Rourke’s.

"This is chaos. My wife and I tried to switch sides and it was the worst night of sleep I’ve ever had. Including when we had a newborn," wrote one man, with another person declaring that their marriage would be over after a single night with the arrangement.

What do YOU think? Do you prefer to have a dedicated sleeping spot every night or do you like a more “free-range” approach to bedtime?