Want To Own A Town? These Ones Are Up For Sale

Have you ever been watching a show on television about beautiful small towns and villages and thought to yourself, “I should buy a town!” If that’s you, we have good news. Surprisingly, there are several towns and villages up for sale. The bad news is they don’t always come cheap. Considering the size of the investment, though, some of the asking prices are surprisingly reasonable. If you’ve you been looking for the housing upgrade of the century, look no further than the towns and villages on this list. You’ll be left in awe of what’s out there!

Lugo Hamlet, Spain Can Be Yours For $269,000


An entire hamlet can be yours for just under $300,000! Not sure what a hamlet is? Neither were we. Turns out a hamlet is just a land settlement smaller than a village. And it be all yours if you’re willing to open your wallet, and your heart, to the opportunity.

Included in this particular hamlet is four houses, a granary, a mill, and barn. All that for the price of a parking space on the lower east side! What a deal! Better put in that bid now, we feel pretty good about ours.