Woman Is Unrecognizable After Successfully Losing 420 Pounds

Six-hundred fifty-seven pounds. That’s how much Amber weighed in 2014 at just 24 years old. If she didn’t shed weight soon, she would die. How could she do it? And how did it get this bad in the first place?

Ever since her debut on My 600-lb Life, Amber Rachdi has become an internet sensation. From eating five meals a day and barely moving, to working out regularly and modeling for Instagram, Amber has inspired thousands of people with her life turnaround. Explore the story that everyone on social media is gushing over.

Meet Amber Rachdi At 600 Pounds

Amber Rachid at 657 pounds

Amber Rachdi has lived in Troutdale, Oregon, all her life. She made her mark mainly through her size–at just 24 years old, she weighed 657 pounds. Housebound and isolated, she knew that something had to change. But to do so, she had to encounter her lifelong personal demons.

The excess weight made her self-conscious, and she struggled to exercise. Soon, she turned to more food for support. The result left her in a downward spiral that became life-threatening.