Curve Artists Who Are Out Here Just To Play With Our Hearts

The art of the curve has been taking to new heights in recent years. Usually, people who do that are basically lying to us without even realizing it. Some people will go as far as calling in sick at work when they’re faking, or trying to a get peep show through text messages. To the people who do this in their lives, they just do it because they can and they want to spoil us for the sake of it.

Think Before You Type

This is so much worse than saying you’re related to Tom Brady. Nobody will ever believe you. For this poor unfortunate soul, they need to educate themselves before being a troll on the internet. If you were that person, just do the right thing and step away from the computer for good.

A Sign Of Lies

How is the sign even useful? It’s probably there just for the hell of it. But really, it should be saying something important like to wear hard hats or steel-toed boots. We’ll just assume that someone has this as an actual job and there’s a chance they’re getting paid well too.


If we can learn anything from this text message, it’s that not even the friend zone can hold these two. If they were, she would have said ‘aww thanks, buddy’ ending all possibilities of even starting a relationship.

How About No?

The next thing you know, there’s a rebellion of people who refuse to give back the black marker. It’s not the end of the world when someone uses it. You can buy more at a Dollarstore for a cheap price. Sometimes, we don’t have to follow all of the rules.

One Week Too Early

Video gamers get psyched when it comes to the release of a new game. For this Walmart to have a new game on display before it’s release is such a ballsy move. Think about it. Someone’s going to try and break the glass before the first person can buy the game.

Group Projects Suck

This is the reason why group projects truly suck. The sass to the response is very unnecessary. But, the person who’s actually trying to get the job done will likely get the higher grade.

Buyer Beware

Always look at the description before buying anything, especially Amazon products. For this girl, she proudly showed off her ‘buyer beware’ situation. She bought a chair that was really a mini one. The next thing you know, she whips out her old Barbies and buys more mini chairs.

Can’t Trust Social Media

You really can’t. You would have to have so much courage to do this. Sitting on the ledge, dangling your feet hundreds off feet above the ground, that practically spells anxiety. But for now, these two ladies will be happy they exploded their Instagram accounts by faking it till they make it.

We All Suck

People suck and it’s a fact. That’s okay though, we’re all in this together. We might think we suck as a person, but it’s not our fault some of our awesomeness reeks all the time.

What’s Behind The Curtain?

Whereabouts unknown that’s for sure. The only thing that would have given this away is that there’s no light. The color of the curtain might be the tease of it all, but this is just disappointing. Even for people who need a view, they’ll feel like they’re trapped in a box.

Calling In Sick Like

Going above and beyond just to get a day off work is priceless. It’s moments like this where we embrace our inner Ferris Bueller. Simply put, we’ll do anything to get out of work. This guy took it to a whole new level by playing off something that should be Oscar-worthy.

One Way To Get Out Of An Awkward Situation

Ladies, if you want a creepy dude off you’re back, here’s one way to do that. Instead of ignoring them or being sassy, just play it cool by making up one of the biggest trolls ever.

Whereabouts Unknown

Imagine having this apartment number. People would be pulling off this prank on a daily basis. It would confuse the mailman and the person delivering your pizza on a Friday night. Don’t fret, we’re sure someone at room 404 put a sign on the door at room 420.

Not Today, Damien

Sorry, Satan, 666 will have to wait another day. Just picture having one too many people in the room. We’re very certain that whoever did this put 665 so they don’t have the churches coming after them with sticks on fire. That could get disastrous really quick.

Standards Are Overrated

That’s the moment when you realize that crush has too much baggage. Apparently, your standards are an excuse to get out of any conversation. The person messaging you will probably go ‘Wtf’ as soon as they get the text.

Life Is Full Of Lies

You would be rattled if you moved into a new house, only to find this on the floor. That’s why there’s a thing called a carpet. Better yet, superglue could probably get the job done for lazy people too. Either way, that’s not what you want to see after you bought a house.

Too Much Going On Here

Confused? Good, me too. This list is so long you that don’t even want to know what is 100% of this clothing. How come all clothing stores have to include the signs to wash your clothes? All you need to say is a cold wash, rinse inside out, tumble dry low. Boom, see, not so hard after all.

All By Yourself

Sunglasses give away way too much. Pretending to be all by yourself but getting caught by the reflection is a great way to end a relationship. At least he still has his dignity at that moment. This guy got caught redhanded, but he probably doesn’t care too much.

Cheating On Exams

Just make sure your teacher doesn’t catch you. Really though, there’s a good chance that they won’t even see it. That’s the new way to cheat on exams these days. Long ago are writing stuff down on your arms or using a water bottle to check over your notes.

What Is Going On Here?

Do you really think this guy is going to burn his toe? Probably, since he’s a tease and we aren’t sure what he’s going to do. It’s probably the most random thing on this list. Hopefully, he didn’t actually light himself on fire, or else that could make another great article.