It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like The Holidays: Most Epic Family Photos Ever

Holidays can bring out the worst or the best in people. Regardless of whichever way your holiday ends up going, this is the time of year creates long-lasting memories that your family and friends will talk about for years. These photos are sure to bring back some memories of holidays past, for better or worse. Explore a list of the funniest, ridiculous, and epic family photos of all time during the holiday season.

There Can Only Be One

This hilarious photo will make perfect sense to anyone who has a sister, no matter what your current age. It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is super excited to open gifts. Yet, of course, your grabby younger sister has to come and try to put her hands on your new gifts.

In true form, the older sister was compelled to smash her face into the ground while posing with her new 101 Dalmatians merchandise. This photo was probably taken sometime during the 1990s when the live-action 101 Dalmatians remake was released. Do you think big sis got in trouble for squishing her baby sister’s face into the ground?

A Very Cujo Holiday

This holiday family photo is a fantastic example of how including pets in the photo can go wrong. It seems as though they have multiple generations within one photo, with the kids in front. And look what happened? Obviously, Sparky didn’t take too kindly to Cousin Max. This seems like it would be a perfect fit for America’s Funniest Home Videos.

It’s also pretty funny that nobody else in the photo seems to have noticed except for two people vaguely glancing over from the back row. Let’s hope Cousin Max escaped the attack unscathed. Have your family pets ever attacked another family member while trying to take a family photo?

Drunk Uncle, Is That You?

Who has seen the Drunk Uncle skit on SNL? This guy is almost a carbon copy of the actor who plays Bobby Moynihan. Coincidentally, you’ll be able to see Bobby Moynihan in a new film in 2017 called The Book of Henry.

Interestingly, this will be a different kind of film for him as it’s a drama, a departure from his regular comedy. Whatever the case, this is one awesome holiday family photo. The expression, the sweater, the cat that may or may not be a stuffed cat – it’s all perfect. This is definitely a holiday photo I would enjoy receiving in the mail!

Don’t Eat Us!

How creative is this family holiday photo?! Definitely one of the favorite holiday photos of all time. The whole gingerbread family getting ready to be eaten. The best detail is the inclusion of the gingerbread dog and gingerbread cat. How cute is that? Do you think they were inspired by the Gingerbread man character in the kid’s movie Shrek?

Did you know gingerbread can be dated all the way back to the 15th century? People started cutting figures into biscuits in the 16th century. And the first documented instance of an actual gingerbread man can be traced to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Allegedly she had gingerbread figures made in the likeness of some of her guests.

Phone Zombies

This photo actually derives from a holiday card that was sent out. Hilarious! This is far too accurate for families everywhere today. With the way technology is these days, being on our devices is a very hard habit to break. This is difficult especially for the younger generation, whose lives’ revolve around technology usage.

The holidays are actually a perfect time to practice unplugging. Why not turn your phone off for a few hours, especially on days like Christmas and New Years Eve? Some people swear by a digital detox in order to actually be able to recharge for their life and everyday responsibilities. Give it a try this holiday!

Daredevil Family

There are so many questions that come up when you first see this photo. How many times did they have to shoot this photo? How did they get everyone (even the dog!) to get this photo? For anyone who has their own children at home, you’ll know it’s hard to get everyone to cooperate.

And it’s even harder to get everyone to cooperate to actually have their picture taken, and they have a dog on top of it? This woman deserves a medal. It would be interesting to know if they fell over while doing this, and if so how many times.

Santa Claws

This guy took his holiday photo by truly getting in the spirit. He decked himself out in his finest Santa suit and put his cat in her finest Santa sweater dress. He really seems like he loves his cat by the well he is holding her. (We are assuming she is a lady cat by her outfit choice).

The cat actually looks like she is a Sphynx cat. It is actually recommended that Sphynx cats have something put on them, like a sweater, to protect their delicate hairless skin from both the cold and from the possibility of getting abrasions.

Angry Twin

This holiday photo with Santa was SO close to being picture perfect. The girls’ hair and outfits look great, everyone is smiling, and then the twin on the left was clearly fed up. Maybe she was tired of retaking the photo over and over. Who knows?

But surely everyone who was present for the photo was probably laughing, while her Mom was probably not too happy that her precious little girl would decide to flip off the camera. It would be interesting to know how old these girls are now. When they are adults this photo will definitely make for a great story.

Cat Attack


This couple looks like they were actually trying to take a silly family holiday photo. From the over the top “ugly sweater” outfits to the man’s facial expression. However, the best part of the photo is what looks to be something that was totally unexpected. The lovely cat decided to bite the woman’s hand!

That’s the thing about cats, they just refuse to be controlled. Christmas is probably one of cats’ favorite holidays if only for the Christmas tree. To them, it must appear as just a giant toy, especially with all the shiny ornaments hanging off of it.

I Guess You Could Say It’s A Serious Christmas

Another ridiculous staged family photo, yet also another excellent one. Why not be silly when taking your yearly holiday photo. It will always make you laugh when you look back on them years later. The man in this photo is reminiscent of the character of “Kip” in Napoleon Dynamite. “I guess you could say it’s getting pretty serious.”

But what really makes this photo, without a doubt is the pets’ heads photoshopped into the corner of the photo. Something about a dog and cat head floating around in faded blackness is just hilarious. Why not try taking a hilarious family photo with our own family this holiday season?

Turkey Baby

There seem to be many photos like this floating around the internet. The only thing that can be asked is, WHY? Why would you do this to your poor innocent child? The baby is thinking here we go again, my mom is crazy.

It’s one thing to dress your kid up as something for Halloween, but it’s totally different to dress them up as a food that everyone is about to dine on. It’s like if we dressed the baby up as a pig and stuffed an apple in its mouth if they were having a luau. Just don’t do it, everyone.

Overzealous Turkey Lady

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that people don’t always do a lot for as far as costuming goes. However, this woman is not one of those people. You just know her home is totally decked out in all things turkey.

Most people don’t go too far because you have to turn right around and redecorate for Christmas. This woman even decked out her dogs in what looks like turkey hats. Hopefully, the dogs at least are able to get some of those wonderful Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Would you dress yourself or your dog up in a Thanksgiving costume?

Christmas Steve Jobs

This guy looks like he is definitely at a some kind of holiday party for his IT company where you were allowed to bring a plus one. And his plus one was his tiny Chihuahua. He picked out his finest Steve Jobs glasses, his best ugly Christmas sweater, and his nicest Santa hat and headed out to the party.

He even bought his dog a tiny reindeer antler hat. Cute! The best part of this photo is the dog’s terrified expression, almost as though he’s thinking “You’ve had enough to drink Steve, put the beverage down, and let’s call it a night!”

Over It!

It’s hard to tell if this is a purposely “bad sweater” Christmas photo or not. All of the styles and smiles look pretty genuine. The only thing out of place that seems a bit fake are Mom’s glasses. But who knows, they could be real too.

One thing is certainly hilarious in this photo, and that’s the youngest sibling is totally over this photo. It’s almost like he’s communicating with his eyes saying, “Let’s get this over with, please.” This family seems like they would be they type to get unwittingly involved in a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation situation.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Family

Can you imagine if your family made your dress up like a reindeer as grown adults? They really went all out with this one. Not only do they each have full-on reindeer costumes, but they have red leather harnesses complete with jingle bells, and an actual sleigh with Mr. and Mrs. Claus is full regalia. Wow. You know investing in all of this costuming and props had to be pretty pricey.

You’ve got to respect how dedicated this family is to the Christmas season. Perhaps they dress up like this to bring Christmas cheer to children wherever they live. But can you imagine how awesome it would be if the reindeer people were replaced with dogs? Now that would be a Christmas sight to behold!

The Hidden Goat


The original reason this photo was chosen is because of the ridiculous sweaters and expressions. However, on second look there is a hidden treasure in the photo. It’s fairly obvious that this couple was purposely trying to take an awkward Christmas photo, especially with the sweaters and vests.

The woman’s ’80s style hair is truly quite a nostalgic feat. However, the truly remarkable part of this photo, which requires a double take, is the tiny little treasure on the woman’s lap. It’s a baby goat! Have you ever seen a cuter baby goat? He even has a Christmas hat on! This is the best photo on the list for that reason alone.

Goth Christmas

This one is interesting and it would be nice to know the background of how this photo came to be. Were these mall goths just wandering around the mall and decided it would be totally “ironic” to take a photo with Santa Claus or do you think they genuinely wanted a Santa photo to bring home to their parents?

The girl with the pink hair in the front is the favorite of this photo especially for her straight jacket style of pose. It would have been especially funny if they got Santa Claus to wear a black coat for the occasion.

The Unhappy Family Photo


This family decided to go against the typical smiling family photo and scowl instead. Although they are still in season with their Santa and reindeer head gear and mom’s sweaters. The father has an interesting outfit choice with the random 1980s suit, and he vaguely resembles Tom Sizemore. especially with the open bottle of whiskey on the table.

However, the best party of this photo is the grandpa in the back, in the kitchen, holding a beer and smirking ever so slightly at the camera. Receiving this photo in the mail from some of your family members would definitely give you a good chuckle and make your holiday!


Is there really a more “American” family Christmas photo than these soldiers posing in their uniforms with their assault weapons? Of course, it’s up for debate if this group might have their own special kind of interpretation of the second amendment but that’s fine.

Receiving this photo in the mail would be kind of a confusing situation. Do you say the pledge of allegiance, “Merry Christmas”, or are you being threatened? It’s really hard to tell. Also, clearly this was this taken with a mall Santa, and we’re pretty sure that assault weapons are not legal to carry in a public mall. Merry Christmas from America!