The Most Astonishing Makeup Fails Ever

Makeup can be really difficult to work with, even for those of us who have plenty of practice. And like anything that takes skill, that also means that there is also an opportunity for major fails.Over the last few years especially, the makeup world has seen a lot of questionable trends that we’ll be scratching our heads about in the future.

Here are some of the worst makeup fails of all time. Just remember this: If you feel like you’re bad at doing makeup, chances are it’s nowhere near as bad as these people are.

An Attempt Was Certainly Made Here


This girl took several concepts that are important for anyone who wants to become a makeup pro to learn… and then took them to a level they never should have reached. Lining your lips is good, lining them with a color so drastically different than the lip color? Not so much.

Highlighting around your brow bone and cleaning up around your brows with concealer? Tricks of the trade, but not quite like this. We just have to hope that this was a joke, because we’d hate to think someone would actually leave the house thinking this looks good…. or, god forbid, do a tutorial about it.