These Grammar Peasants Thought They Were Using The Right Word, Only To Find Out They Were Absolutely Not Using The Right Word

I bet you’ve used a word confidently for half of your life, only to find out you’re using it in the wrong context/not spelling it right/it’s not even a word. Don’t feel ashamed, we’ve all been there.

The English language is tough because there are so many words and phrases that sound alike but mean completely different things. That doesn’t excuse anyone from being ignorant, especially the people in this article. If you were looking for something to make you laugh today, gear up those smiling muscles because you’re going to need them.

This Is Never Not Funny

I’m sorry, but every time I see this spelling mistake, I just burst out laughing. Not only is it ignorant, but it’s borderline offensive to any evolution of the human race’s intelligence.

Of course they’re meaning to say cologne, but I’m sure the smell of his colon is, uh, interesting too.

Spoon Spatula

You know what, you have to give this mom credit for trying. It’s nearly impossible for older people to fully comprehend and understand EVERY new video game.

I am interested to know what game she ended up with. I’m assuming some first-person cooking game that no one buys. She tried.

You Can Unfriend Me Too

I’m no prude, but if you’re going to be smoking marinara sauce, you can un-friend me too. That is taking it WAY too far.

I’ve heard of people smoking marijuana, but never a pasta sauce. That person needs an intervention or they need to move to Italy or something. Maybe that’s something they do there.

He Can Do Everything

I think it’s safe to say that Leo can basically do everything at this point. On any given day, he’s with models sailing the seven seas, making blockbuster movies, saving the environment, and now painting beautiful pictures?

I don’t want to rock the boat too much here, but I think that he should be winning a Nobel Prize of like, everything at this point.

I Have A Lot Of Questions

First of all, I can kind of back the idea of wanting a mail child. You don’t have to go through nine months of being pregnant AND you get a surprise when it shows up to your door.

I’ve heard of stork’s delivering babies to front doors, but I never imagined it being true.

They Go Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

What is a flaming young? Do I even want to know? I don’t want to get cynical here, but every kid should probably go grab a fire-proof suit with this person around.

Okay, obviously they’re talking about a filet mignon which goes perfectly with a side of cake. Pause, not.

Noah Fence Taken

I really hope that there’s no kid named Noah Fence out there. Because, if they ever get kidnapped, and someone says “Noah Fence is taken” then everyone will be very confused.

Okay, so I just Facebooked that name and there are a TON of people named that. That’s so mean of their parents.

Maybe He Doesn’t Want To

You know what’s really funny about this misspelling? The fact that people who write, or type a lot, are the ones who often times get arthritis.

On a more serious note, if your back aches like an 80-year-old I think you should probably stop tweeting about it and maybe get it checked out.

AKA Shopping Malls

It seems that everyone forgets about the hall of cost. Some people call these things “shopping malls” but I prefer the latter.

Whoever created the first hall of cost obviously wanted to watch the world burn. Just a building where you go and spend spend spend the money you made that day.

It’s Got To Be Crazy

I mean, I’m not an interior design expert, but these Florida Ceilings sound crazy. I know this because literally everything that comes from Florida is crazy.

Without a doubt, it has the weirdest and, let me say it again, craziest people per capita out of any other state. It’s no contest.

Potential Murder Going Down

I don’t know about you, but I talk really good street lingo. If someone tells you that they’re finishing some aarons, it means they’re going to kill someone.

The term “aaron” refers to the target. It’s a perfect out if they get caught too. The murderer can say that he meant to spell it “errands”.

The Best Pig Name

I think this is by far the best pig name of all time. If there are any pig owners out there, you’re welcome because I just did the naming process for you.

If the pig was born in April it’s not only a home run name, it’s a grand slam.

What Are They Saying?

There’s nothing worse than knowing someone is talking smack about you. Gossip is great, but gossip that’s discussing you is not preferable.

Having humans do it is bad enough, but knowing that grapes are now doing it too — that’s just nightmarish. I hate every second of knowing your name is being disrespected by a grape.

No One Likes It

I’m certainly not a vegan, so I can handle most meat. If I have to eat meat from the leg, I’ll do it. Heck, I’ll eat meat from a heart if it’s cooked nicely and tastes good.

But, I draw the line at eating a jaw. I don’t blame this person for being irritated by that.

The Worst Kind Of Auntie


Look, if you don’t have a crazy auntie, you’re lucky. These are the ones that come to family gatherings single at age 48 and drink two bottles of wine. For me, that’s Aunt Kathy.

Kath is annoying, but nothing compared to Auntie Depresants, who kills the mood entirely. It’s tragic really.

Never Heard Of It


I know I’ve talked a lot about myself in this article, and I’m sorry about that, but it’s not stopping yet.

I’ve tried a lot of different grain. If you’ve ever had seven-grain bread, you’ve crushed seven of them right there. I’ve heard of mind grain and the reviews are quite painful from what I’ve gathered from the grapevine.

I Hope They’re Nice


You never really know what you’re going to get when you eat a creme egg. Opening it up can be full of surprises.

This girl got two sisters sprung out at her. It’s a weird way to force adoption by Cadbury by hiding people in the middle, but I wouldn’t knock it until I tried it.

Pork Lion?


This one actually confuses more people than you could ever imagine. The mix up of “lion” and “loin” can make for an interesting dinner conversation.

If your family goes to a restaurant and orders the pork loin hoping to see their meal come out with a mane, it’s not a great look.

When Your English Teacher Takes Things Too Far…


Honestly, I’ve had some cinnamon toast crunch cereal, but I’ve never been blessed with synonym toast crunch before.

Does it have a special ingredient that allows you to have superpowers in the synonym department? This is a must-have for breakfast if you’re going to write an English test that day.

I Completely Agree


If you’re lacking toast and you’re not tolerant, it makes every situation worse. Chocolate milk cannot be enjoyed to its greatest potential if you’re lacking any sort of bread.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I would argue that dipping toast in chocolate milk is something that everyone should try at least once.