Employees Won’t Tell You About These Home Depot Hacks

Home Depot offers everything from wood to appliances to cleaning products, so it’s no surprise that customers spend a lot there. If you want to save hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars at the store, you can. There are several methods that employees won’t always tell you about.

For instance, you can return plants even after they’ve died, and you can learn about sales based on price tag color. By knowing these quick tricks, you could save a lot of money. Here are brilliant Home Depot hacks that employees won’t tell you about.

Get Tools Repaired For Free

Chris Grundy, host of a popular tool show, shows off a chainsaw in Home Depot.
RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images
RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images

When you buy a tool at Home Depot, you’ll receive a one-to-two year warranty. This doesn’t just cover returns; it also provides free repairs. Yes, you can repair tools at Home Depot, as many stores offer the service at their Tool Rental Center.

If you present your receipt to employees, they may fix it for free. If they can’t fix the tool, they may replace it for free. Tool repair usually takes around two to three months, depending on what you bought and the amount of damage inflicted.