The Value Of These Vintage Lunch Boxes Will Have You Rummaging Through Your Attic

For younger students, there is nothing like showing off their pop-culture preferences quite like a vintage lunch box. The tin boxes can range from tv series images like the Addams Family to musical favorites like The Beatles. Nostalgia for these vintage lunch boxes has developed a huge collectors market, driving the up the prices of rare lunch pails from their original two dollars.

From $200 to $16,000, these retro lunch boxes will have you rummaging through your attic and making eBay accounts. Do you have any of these lying around? Scroll through to see which lunch boxes are considered the most valuable.

The Munsters Lunch Box Runs For About $2,050

The Munsters Lunchbox Runs For About $2,050
Cool and Collected/Pinterest
Cool and Collected/Pinterest

This lunch box was part of the merchandise that came off the hit 1964 television series The Munsters. The show follows a family of monsters, including a vampire, werewolf, and Frankenstein, who have a niece that is “normal.” With a plot like that, it’s no wonder people were lining up to get lunch boxes illustrating the family with their creepy rain-clouded mansion.

Herman, Lilly, Grandpa, Eddie, and Marilyn, all hope you kept your vintage Munsters lunchbox because it is worth a pretty penny. At an auction, The Munsters vintage tin lunch box can sell for around $2,050.